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GIRLSCHOOL  “a vision of the way forward.” — @LATimes

@evebarlow and @jerico.mandybur trade ideas on manifestation, boundaries, emotional labor and attraction at Idealab.2, presented by @glenfiddichus. 🌱 Photo by camera angel @thesupermaniak

Preach! Strong and articulate angel @k6mil brought the crowd to its feet with a 4-minute piece at Idealab.2, presented by @glenfiddichus. 🍑 Photo by camera angel @thesupermaniak

Surprise angel @laurenruthward and the Girlschool Choir sing the Zombies at Idealab.2, presented by @glenfiddichus, with choir director @tamingoftheshruti on piano and @jakefalby in the rafters on violin. 🌱 Photo by camera angel @thesupermaniak

One of our proudest moments: the Girlschool Choir behind angel baby @juliannabarwick at last night’s Idealab.2, presented by @glenfiddichus. Thank you @tamingoftheshruti for leading our choir; @kerstin.hovland for making the stage into a glowy garden; @picounionproject for generously hosting; our volunteers for saving us every time; our stunning choir; and @beatsbydre and @shethinx for the gifts! Photo by camera angel @thesupermaniak

Tickets are nearly gone for tomorrow night’s Idealab.2, featuring the incredible Eve Barlow, Kamil Oshundara, Jerico Mandybur, and Julianna Barwick exploring the theme of ATTRACTION, with visual design by Kerstin Hovland. Reserve your seats while you still can.
Pico-Union Project
7 pm cocktails
8 pm program
FREE, 21+
Presented by @glenfiddichus @glenfiddichwhisky #gfexperiments with special thanks to @shethinx and @beatsbydre
RSVP link in profile ⬆️

Catch editorial director of Girlboss + host of the Self Service podcast, Jerico Mandybur, in conversation with journalist @EveBarlow exploring ATTRACTION at IDEALAB.2 this coming Tuesday, 8/28 at Pico-Union Project. Free, 21+. RSVP link in profile.
“For me, self-care and spirituality (and wellness more broadly) are very hard to remove from their political roots. I’m not sure that I would have embraced them had I not been abused, or not been from an immigrant background, or Queer, etc. These are tools that, traditionally, people sought because they have felt marginalized and didn’t have (or want) access to the same resources or treatment as other people. So I’d say their burgeoning popularity says something about the way more and more people are feeling disenfranchised or lost ... and embracing self-care and spirituality to be truly reflective and improve your situation (and that of others) is a valid response.” — @jericomandybur of @girlboss for @brit andco ⚪️
Presented by @glenfiddichus #gfexperiments

Catch poet, priestess, scholar, and now cultural executive @k6mil exploring ATTRACTION at IDEALAB.2 on 8/28 at Pico-Union Project. Free, 21+. RSVP link in profile.
“Cultural activist Kamil Oshundara has joined @JordanPeele’s Monkeypaw Productions in a unique role not seen very often in Hollywood production circles. Oshundara will specialize in academic and cultural research, with her work woven into storylines and character development, according to the company. Part of her work will also involve diving deep into the genre material in the hopes of producing ‘critically conscious media’ that better represents marginalized groups. ... 'Coming from an academic background, Kamil’s dedication to rigorous cultural research is tremendous, and her focus of creating artistic platforms for underrepresented voices is both inspiring and exactly the spirit in which Monkeypaw was founded on,' said Peele in a statement.” — @hollywoodreporter ⚪️
Presented by @glenfiddichus #gfexperiments

Catch @juliannabarwick exploring ATTRACTION at IDEALAB.2 on 8/28 at Pico-Union Project. Free, 21+. RSVP link in profile.
“Julianna Barwick's evocative songs are musical inkblot tests: The voices trickle in and out, but never quite materialize into lyrical coherency, so it's up to the listener to interpret them and ascribe personal meaning. Maybe it conjures that early-morning feeling of lying in bed half-awake as sunlight creeps in, or walking at night through streets blanketed in fresh snow, or watching distant landscapes roll by through a car window. ... It's as if we've been standing too close to a photograph, stepping back and seeing the ambiguous shapes come into focus.” — Mike Katzif for @nprmusic ⚪️
Presented by @glenfiddichus #gfexperiments

Thank you for your light.

This is a thing you’re not going to want to miss. 🌱 Our next IDEALAB.2, on the theme of ATTRACTION, takes place Tuesday, 8/28 at Pico-Union Project featuring the incredible @jerico.mandybur, @k6mil, @juliannabarwick, @evebarlow, @glenfiddichwhisky, and more. 7 pm cocktails, 8 pm program. #glenfiddich #glenfiddichexperiments @glenfiddichus

Saluting the bravery and leadership of Therese Patricia Okoumou today.

Wherever you are this July 4th, we hope you’re with the friends you love the most.

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