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GIRLSCHOOL  RSVP for IDEALAB.2 on 8/28 at Pico-Union Project now. Free, 21+. 🍑 “a vision of the way forward.” — @LATimes

Thank you for your light.

This is a thing you’re not going to want to miss. 🌱 Our next IDEALAB.2, on the theme of ATTRACTION, takes place Tuesday, 8/28 at Pico-Union Project featuring the incredible @jerico.mandybur, @k6mil, @juliannabarwick, @evebarlow, @glenfiddichwhisky, and more. 7 pm cocktails, 8 pm program. #glenfiddich #glenfiddichexperiments @glenfiddichus

Saluting the bravery and leadership of Therese Patricia Okoumou today.

Wherever you are this July 4th, we hope you’re with the friends you love the most.

We didn’t have any fun at all speaking about creative community at #girlsartnow yesterday. Now go follow these bad bosses immediately: @sonjarasula @hallieapplebaum + @punodostres. Thanks, @society6 and @sexybeastla, for an inspiring afternoon at @space15twenty!

Thank you to our brilliant collaborators for TRIPTYCH who agreed to come to the desert in @arcosantiarizona to create something unknown, site-specific, and improvisational at @form: @pamtietze (our aerial drone dioramist), @sarahcprinz (our choreographer), @maryoverthere (our harpist and muse), @sandrarmorlett and @karabutterfly333 (our dancers), @joni_margaux (our costume designer), @elenastonaker (our setting), and to @stumptowncoffee (our sponsor who made this beautiful creative exploration possible). 🌵✨ Girlschool loves you.

This Friday at @form, Girlschool presents TRIPTYCH at 4.30 PM in the Minds Garden at Arcosanti.
improvisation: the art or act of improvising, or of composing, uttering, executing, or arranging anything without previous preparation
Improvisation is a constant for which we are eternally both prepared and unprepared. On one hand, nothing in TRIPTYCH has been planned beyond a general set of guidelines: forty-five minutes in three parts. On the other hand, you could argue that every moment of the artists' lives has existed in preparation for this very intentional and constructed moment. Which is more true? Equal parts improvisation, collaboration, and exploration, TRIPTYCH brings incredible women-identified musicians, dancers, and artists together to create sound and movement in three connected acts in real time.
Created by @maryoverthere, @sarahcprinz, and @pamtietze, and performed by @karabutterfly333 and @sandrarmorlett, Triptych is made possible by @stumptowncoffee and produced by @girlschoolla.

Happy Monday! We had the best time at @31philliplim’s Cinco de Mayo party on Friday with @casadragones and @sqirlla. Thanks for having us be part of it!

One *hell* of a squad. Thank you to the Acamo people and to @redbull for sharing this sacred space with us. ✨

The Regrettes at Coachella Weekend 1! Shot by @thesupermaniak for @girlschoolla x @nastygal at @coachella #shotoniphone

The killer Japanese Breakfast in a killer custom spacesuit by @pearce_4humans. 🚀🌏 @jbrekkie by @thesupermaniak for Girlschool and @nastygal at @coachella #shotoniphone

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