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girls are pretty  if a post is yours and you want it taken down, just message 😊 🌻

This photograph is killing me slowly

Women are just so beautiful. My barista today was just gorgeous. ~🌻

I am peeved about national girlfriends day and girls posting about female friends. Like national best friends day was the other fricking day!!! I have to fight to call a girl my girlfriend. Don't just throw the term around.
What do you guys think?

I am so gay. Holy crap. ~🌻

Love is love is love is love is love. ~🌻

πŸ’• kissing girls feels like the heart filter. It makes you burn so brightly, so beautifully. ~🌻

The way everyone dreams of being held. ~🌻

I love watches. They just look so good. ~🌻

First post. Nervous to be running this account. ~🌻

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