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Carolyn Fraser 

Tosca is 5. She's having a party on Sunday.

I think this is my favorite visible mend so far: my heart on my sleeve. #visiblemending #darning

Seven years gone. ❤️

Deep in a research rabbit hole this week, I came across seven apology letters written to a Mr. Peter Chance who hosted a local youth group on his Langwarrin property with unfortunate results. One child apologised for being a "bad and bold boy." Another wrote "I am very sorry about climbing on your haystack. And I am very sorry about making you so cross." A third wrote "I am sorry for my behaver [sic] and for the haystack and I hope you will let some kinder people in." But my favourite was the child who decided that words were inadequate to convey his remorse and drew instead a black sun, a haystack and a child I can only presume is the letter writer himself in full crucifixion pose.

One of Lucy's New Year's resolutions is Eat More Cake.

Happy Christmas, friends! The neighbour children found reindeer poo on their balcony! xoxo (Best Christmas card ever by @riflepaperco)

If you and I have had anything more than the most casual of catch-ups over the last few years, I've almost certainly tried to steer the conversation to the history of calisthenics in Victoria. The product of a perfect storm of social phenomena including first-wave feminism, gold rush immigration and the eurhythmic dance craze, calisthenics has grown into a hugely popular sport that ALMOST NO-ONE KNOWS ABOUT. I, of course, am happy to buttonhole you anytime, but if you'd prefer to learn about calisthenics without my hectoring, please visit the display I curated as part of The Changing Face of Victoria, Level 5, Dome Galleries, State Library Victoria. Open everyday, 10am-5pm. Image courtesy of the State Library Victoria, Vera E. Hopton Papers c. 1926-79. Special thanks to @fidouglas48, who first introduced me to the world of calisthenics in 1977 and remains a star within it. X

Onstage view at the Wesley Anne. Personally only flubbed about 10% of our lyrics.

Other duties as required.

Me showing off @sophielikescats & @virginiamurdoch's wedding cake, a @beatrixbakes recipe held together with chopsticks and paper clips. (Photo by the bride @virginiamurdoch)

If your heart needs filling up, I highly recommend a surprise wedding. Especially when it's the couple in question who have no idea what their Saturday night has in store. Much love @sophielikescats & @virginiamurdoch xx

My second tart from @amychaplin's At Home in the Whole Food Kitchen: Celebrating the Art of Eating Well. I love this book, particularly the desserts, which rely on non-refined sugars for the perfect level of not-too-sweet.