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Carolyn Fraser 

What Would Patti Do? This is a question @lisaabend and I have asked ourselves for years, and last night, finding myself right at Patti's feet at the front of the stage, I had cause to ask myself again. Just as Patti appeared, a girl in boots and a body con dress squeezed right in front of me and started jumping and throwing her arms about. My fellow mosh pit neighbours and I bristled: silently, over nearly three hours waiting for Patti, we'd come to a kind of peace about the geographic territory we'd claimed for ourselves, even though it was all men right at the barricade, and one of them, ponytail maybe or Hawaiian shirt, was regularly letting rip with farts so nearly unendurable that I could only imagine I was paying some kind of tax for such valuable real estate. A second song, and still the flailing right in my face, and the (disproportionate) screaming, so I suggested, hey, why don't you push in right to the front, you are really annoying. A split-second assessment of her options, then, no, she told me, she won't. Alright, I thought, fair enough, I'm seeing Patti Smith! And she's about two metres in front of me, so close that when she pauses to tie her bootlace, one of my neighbours lets her know that her fly's undone, which I'd noticed but wouldn't have had the guts to say. But body con girl is a real pain, and I'm not sure if it's before Patti yelled LOVE ONE ANOTHER, MOTHERFUCKERS! or after, but I shoved body con girl in the back, hard, and there were some words, including her screaming POWER TO THE PEOPLE in my face during that number, which I'm not sure is what Patti had in mind when she was writing it, and it occurred to me that I really didn't want Patti, who was RIGHT THERE, to stop the concert and make an example of me and body con girl, both clearly not getting her message even though we were within spitting range, and fuck, lucky enough to see Patti Smith, seventy years old, rocking out and telling us how it should be. #pattismith

As is the wont of members of my particular demographic, I prize the idea of an edible garden. For ten years, my persimmon tree has produced one fruit per year. This year productivity is up 100%.

Being three.

Not pictured: Sophie running to the boundary line, handing her ice-cream cone to her sister, and engaging a full-grown adult in a not-unscary Magpie costume in a bear hug. #aflwomens #collingwoodfc

Happy International Women's Day! Here's our choir's gift to you. 💥🎉 #Repost @melbourneindievoices with @repostapp
Show us your "Girlie Bits"! We covered @alibarter for International Women's Day 2017 😍💪 head to our Facebook page to see the whole thing 🎥 @semiconductor_media #melbourneindievoices #melbournemusic #indiemusic #iwd2017 #alibarter #choir #indiechoir

I think these two little girls had a signwriter dad.

Tosca is 5. She's having a party on Sunday.

I think this is my favorite visible mend so far: my heart on my sleeve. #visiblemending #darning

Seven years gone. ❤️

Deep in a research rabbit hole this week, I came across seven apology letters written to a Mr. Peter Chance who hosted a local youth group on his Langwarrin property with unfortunate results. One child apologised for being a "bad and bold boy." Another wrote "I am very sorry about climbing on your haystack. And I am very sorry about making you so cross." A third wrote "I am sorry for my behaver [sic] and for the haystack and I hope you will let some kinder people in." But my favourite was the child who decided that words were inadequate to convey his remorse and drew instead a black sun, a haystack and a child I can only presume is the letter writer himself in full crucifixion pose.

One of Lucy's New Year's resolutions is Eat More Cake.

Happy Christmas, friends! The neighbour children found reindeer poo on their balcony! xoxo (Best Christmas card ever by @riflepaperco)

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