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Ashley  love girl panty poops girl farts and burps especially lesbian

easter shit for u guys❤🐰😫💩

been awhile haven't pooped in about a week and a half this is the result a long snake!😂☺️❤️🤢

i tried making a video of me shitting so you can hear me push the shit out of my ass, but of course my iphone is fucking up wth videos lately sorry my ass still stinks for u guys dw😊💦👅

this shit i had to squeeze so hard my ass hole is gaping rn👅💦

fourth shit on my account this one clogged it had to get the plunger lol😫

second shit was beautiful diarrhea #girlfarting #girlburps #gassygirl #fartfetish #pantypoop

first poop was long and smelly my ass smells god awful too😷 #pantypoop #girlshit #girlfarts #gassygirl #girlburps

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