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Alexa Federico  • Modified Paleo for Crohn's (10 yrs) • Nutritional Therapy Student • Boston, 22 • Plantain, Apple & Sausage Breakfast Hash (Paleo)⤵️

We spent 2.5 days in Sulmona, Italy where my dad was born and it was the cutest! Two days a week there is a big market in the center piazza. I got a red denim jacket for 5€! We also got some food 😊 I had this piece of fried chicken- OMG the tastiest chicken I ever had!
We also bought local cheese and dried sausage to bring over to our family's house who fed us and gave us a tour around the area. The food is just spectacular. #girlinhealing

It's been an AMAZING few days in Roma. I'm in love. Time to leave though! We're off to my dads hometown of Sulmona in the Abruzzi region. He hasn't been back in 39 years. This is going to be a special trip for all of us 🇮🇹❤ #girlinhealing

La bistecca per cena🍴The second veggie next to the spinach is called "agretti" or "friars beard" or "land seaweed." I looked it up after we couldn't figure out what it is and it seems to be a European vegetable. Has anyone had it? It's good! 🤗#girlinhealing

Here's a sampling of what I ate so far in Florence! It's definitely splurge city 😛 Keeping up with my vitamins/supplements/lemon water plus what I assume is better quality food seems to be keeping me okay! #girlinhealing
Cherry & coffee gelato, crostini, steak florentine, cheese & truffle gnocchi, caprese tartar, ravioli & bolognese, and caramel panna cotta!

New on the blog! 🌟Plantain, Apple, & Sausage Breakfast Hash - thank you @paleoscaleo for sharing this amazing recipe!😍 #girlinhealing

I started my day with a big breakfast. I had a lot to do today and I'm going to ITALY in a few hours!!! 🇮🇹 I'll be in Florence, Rome and Sulmona where my dad was born and probably a couple other cities. This is my first trip to Europe and I cannot wait to explore, EAT, and see where my ancestors came from ☺ Anyone have any recommendations?!
PSA: I will absolutely be trying gelato, real Italian bread, pasta, etc. balanced with things I *should* be eating. There's no way I'm leaving Italy and not trying the good stuff. (Just being real with you!) Plus, many people who can't tolerate gluten & diary in the U.S. do fine in Europe, so we shall see! 🇮🇹 #girlinhealing

Snacky lunch plate I ate for lunch in my backyard yesterday with a towel, sunglasses and homework for @ntatraining. 😊
@lundbergfarms rice cake with @organicvalley pastured cream cheese, an organic 365 mozzarella cheese stick, @applegate organic roasted turkey, @driscollsberry organic raspberries 😍 #girlinhealing

These cherry amaretto cookies are an easy dessert you can make in time for Easter! 🐰 #girlinhealing

Dinner was an @applegate chicken & turkey Italian sausage over rice and sautéed shredded Brussels sprouts in classic @pureindianfoods ghee 😊 #girlinhealing

Earlier in the week I enjoyed my first (legal) serving of tomato since I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease 10 years ago. Sometimes I'm like "WTF, body?" Because I still navigate everyday life around my IBD symptoms. (Some nights my belly keeps me up, some days I have 0 energy, sometimes I'll have stomach aches, I have trouble gaining weight). I'm healing but not perfect!
But, the fact that my body accepted this new food after doing my best to heal my gut all these years means something. Real, whole, unprocessed, organic, non-gmo, foods = a major piece of the healing process. 🙌🏼🍅 #girlinhealing

Ate this dinner outside the other night to celebrate the warm weather 🤗 Grass-fed beef burgers with peas, rice & @bubbiespickles sauerkraut! #girlinhealing

Holy moly these @qrunch_foods spicy Italian quinoa burgers are AMAZING. They are completely organic and meat free if you're into that. I found them at Wegman's for something different & convenient. Highly recommend!! #girlinhealing

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