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Alexa Federico  β€’ Modified Paleo for Crohn's (10 yrs) β€’ Nutritional Therapy Student β€’ Boston, 22 β€’ Cashew Butter Fat Bombs ‡️

To brighten up this cloudy day ☁️ I ordered the Tiki smoothie: pineapple, banana, cashew milk and vanilla agave 🍌🍍 #girlinhealing

Meat & veggies is a go-to when ordering out (and at home!). After not feeling great testing out a big salad for lunch the other day, I stuck to what my body likes best. It's been a lovely weekend away with family so far😊 We biked 9 miles along the Maine coast yesterday! #girlinhealing

Plot twist: I ordered a salad! Lettuce can be iffy for me so I rarely order one out, but I wasn't very hungry so I gave it a whirl. Had to eliminate a few things/make swaps to make it work ✌🏼 #girlinhealing

When your smoothies are pretty they taste even better 😍 #girlinhealing

Did you know that eating standing up prevents you from fully digesting? So does not chewing your food thoroughly (we should be chewing every bite 30 times!), and eating while stressed or multitasking also prevents you from digesting all of your food.
I know we all lead hectic lives with jobs, kids, chores, grocery shopping, and family events. But if we don't set ourselves up for success when we eat, we sabotage the whole process. When we don't follow the above ^, we are not absorbing all of the available nutrients possible and may experience some unpleasant side effects. Today, I challenge you to put your plates of food on the table, sit down, be grateful for it, smell it, chew it thoroughly and enjoy it. #girlinhealing

Salmon, salad, roasted cabbage & potatoes! #girlinhealing

Sorry for teasing you so much last week πŸ˜‰ But, the Cashew Butter Fat Bombs are officially on GIH and the link is in my profile! They are SO easy to make ⭐️ #girlinhealing

Feelin' so good! Today I walked for 30 minutes, did 30 minutes of yoga with @adrienelouise, & added a strength training workout routine I'll do a few times a week. Including movement in my days has been another positive addition to feeling well. πŸ’ͺ🏼
On this plate of fuel I've got 1/2 a @_prebrands ribeye and organic roasted potatoes & sautΓ©ed shaved Brussels sprouts #girlinhealing

Another snacky lunch, which is usually not my thing but I'm feelin' it lately.
The last of my Cayenne Chicken Meatballs (blog), @lundbergfarms rice cake w/ @organicvalley cream cheese, @hailmerrysnacks chocolate chip cookie dough macaroon (the best flavor!), a cashew butter fat bomb (blog on Monday!), @canyonglutenfree toast w/ @gefen_foods cashew butter & @driscollsberry organic raspberries. Nom. #girlinhealing

Late snacky lunch!
@applegate turkey with avocado and @bubbiespickles sauerkraut (for the prebiotic), with @terrachips plantain chips and @driscollsberry organic berries plus my fave part that will be on the blog MONDAY, a cashew butter fat bomb. Holy moly I went to @wholefoodsnorthshore today for two jars of cashew butter to make more of these πŸ€— #girlinhealing

May 19th is for all of us with Crohn's disease & Ulcerative colitis (there are over 1.6 MILLION Americans with IBD).
I have to say, having Crohn's is what led me to my passion for real, whole foods. I'm so in tune to my body and I appreciate things in a different light because of the challenges IBD brings. BUT, if we could find a cure? I mean, πŸ€—πŸ˜πŸŒˆ (If you want to contribute to finding a cure, there's a link in my bio for my fundraising team for the Take Steps walk I am doing!πŸ’œ)
Thank you for including me in this roundup of bloggers @mytherapyapp!!
Today it's World IBD Day! Let's raise awareness and do away the stigma πŸ’œ
Check out our blog post with the top IBD Bloggers in Germany, USA and Spain! Link in bio πŸ“²

Ahh let the summer dinners begin! Grilled fish and sides πŸ‘πŸΌ #girlinhealing

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