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justkattie 🌚  βœ– im too awkward to write this sorry βœ– ● p!atd 01/06/2016 ● tiamat 17/09/2016 ● tΓΈp 23/10/2016 ●

this building represents my personality

one day into being 16 woo

thank you for a great day @juliette_dolgikh @hellofaking @pishnik
love ya πŸ’™πŸ‘€

so why should i care so much about someone who never cared enough?

i'm an outcast who's trying to fit in

hello i love raccoons and my purple hair

since you're the one who's gone, i have to, must move on 'cause you're just another flashback, you're just another photograph

wow look its (almost) my face

i feel alone, this doesn't feel like home. why am i here?

i'm feeling fine but i'm not alright

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