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Claudia Bertilsson  LA-based Mexican Swede who designs stuff and asks a lot of questions.

This is what Excited Claudia looks like 🤷🏻‍♀️
... 📷: @julianlozano

Not the biggest Tyler fan, but I liked taking pictures with these lights. #longbeach #pentax

The moon in Laguna #pentax

This kid was the coolest person at Agenda Festival. #longbeach #agenda2017 #pentax

Made a little thing for Margot! @someonesocial is cool. #illustration #drawing

A Mexican and his Cuban #cigar #richardo #longbeach

When I was a student, working part time for $11/hr and paying $20k/yr in tuition, I could hardly afford to pay for gas, let alone health insurance or doctors visits. And I was lucky. I had a support network of family and friends that I could count on when my own hard work wasn't enough. Many women don't have that.
Planned Parenthood does necessary work. In a society that stigmatizes sexual health and education, they provide services that keep women (and men - yes, men go there too) healthy and safe.

It isn't just about sex. It's about basic human needs and health.

This bag from @powerandlightpress costs $15 and all proceeds go to Planned Parenthood. They've donated over $80k so far!


#tbt to my buddies who always matched. Miss you guys! #alexandria #nprinterns #bffs

Daily Desk Drawing no. 3 #illustration #drawing #9to5

Freedom n' shit: Daily Desk Drawing no. 2 #drawing #illustration #9to5

A sunny LA Friday for June's meetup. Really enjoyed the talk by @freebrianrea - it's always good to be reminded that anxiety and fear are intensely common AND can make for great art. #creativemorningsla

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