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Genesis Quezada  •A girl who loves : lifting, eating, and god/ 🏋🏽‍♀️ •👻 Genesisquez •Blackstone Labs - Use code GIQUEZZY for $ off💰 •@jonrodriguez_12 ♡

So excited to be a @blackstonelabs_official athlete! They make some awesome workout clothes and supplements. Some of my favorite are Glycolog (improves metabolism) & Cotton Candy pre workout 🤤. Although they make their supplements affordable , make sure to check them out and use code Giquezzy for $$ off 💰. So excited to use some more of their supplements for my mini cut in a month or two!! #nothingbuthardwork

Talk about quad dominance 😅 Happy Friday. 🌻 #swiperight

So.. I did my first small meet. Wanted to get the feels for the real deal that’s gonna happen in a couple of months @usapowerlifting in March 😝. For my third squat attempt i had planned to hit 285, but my second attempt felt too light, decided to go for a little more, SO i hit a 10 lb PR @290! Bench hit 105 (2nd attempt). Tried 115 for 3rd attempt .. failed that. Not sure why i did that when I’ve never hit it, but the energy was tooo goood😅. Without a doubt have to improve my bench. Deadlift hit a 15lb PR @305. So proud. Felt like i couldn’t hit 315 if i really wanted to with all that energy🤙🏽. Thankful for finding a sport with such positive vibes and that pushes your limits in every way possible. Total- 700lbs. BW: 64 KG. 333.61 Wilks Points 😝, 1000 Lb club I’m coming for ya !! We ain’t done🤓 @girlswhopowerlift @powerliftingwomen

Ask me why I love powerlifting #GAINZONLY #powerlifting #firstcompetition 🤙🏽 @girlswhopowerlift

Friday Funday 💃.. if that’s a thing lol🤪. ‘Rest day’ fun🤙🏽. 10 reps for two sets had my quads on fiyaaa🔥. Thanks for hopin on my back @marilynvallejo 🤣. Don’t take life so seriously !! Sometimes you just gotta have fun 😌

Since almost everyone wants a leg/ glute focused day here’s a short sped up video of what i did yesterday. Since i started powerlifting i stopped doing glute focused days and yesterday’s workout made me realize how necessary it was because i was shot 😵. Here are some of my favorite glute workouts. Started with my fave, cable thrusts, any variation of thrust is amazing for booty growth😛. Then went into do some lunges, superset with pulse squats, which is not going all the way up to keep the tension on your legs and booty. Hurts SO bad🤬, but you know what that means 😜. After this superset I did some dumbbell deadlifts (hammie’s/ glutes) and ended off w kickbacks 🤙🏽. Hope these help and you try them out! Let me know what types of videos you guys would like to see down below 💭♥️

And right when you thought you couldn’t , you did. Push thru💕 250x5. Always (+) mindset. You can do it. New belt coming soon 😈 #happythanksgiving #happygainsgiving

Wow, a selfie 🤳🏽 #messyhairdontcare

When you see your body changing little by little everyday 😇🙌🏼. So glad I️ have a program that I’m following #powerlifting . Also, remember there's going to be days were you feel like you're workout isn't going the best it can but that doesn't mean you should give up! Give your body rest, and don’t be too hard on yourself. Minor setback for a major comeback ! 👀 •leggings and sports bra- @forever21 , super impressed, recommend 100% 🤗🙌🏼

Working sets @260x5x3. 300lbs club I’m coming for ya 😈. Also, REP PR🎉#ieatair

Work hard and stay humble ‼️
Didn’t work on my legs tonight but I’m not complaining, loving every second of this 🙌🏼 #quads

Happy #transformation Thursday🤣. Around 115 lbs. -> 135ish lbs. Thankful for heavy weights, and lots of fooodd🤤. It’s all about trial and error. Seeing what works for you, what you enjoy and what challenges you. Keep working 💪🏽 Can’t wait to continue growing 🏋🏽‍♀️🙌🏼!! ( I was flexing so hard on the left lmao.. well trying) 🙃

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