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Genesis Quezada  •Work hard & stay humble.🏋🏽‍♀️ •👻 Genesisquez •Manhattan College •@jonrodriguez_12 ♡

Not sure how I forgot to put this in with the video yesterday but BY FAR, the best workout along with hip thrusts to target the glutes. It may be awkward at first 🙃 but I promise it'll be worth it. Keep your head down and mind your business 😇. Muscle/ mind connection 🔑. It's so important to squeeze for this movement. Not sure the exact name but I call them Rope Thrusts 🤷🏽‍♀️. Superset 12 reps of these (heavy weight) with kickbacks for some 🔥 🍑🤑feel free to DM any questions etc. ❤️

Some of my go to booty/leg workouts recently. Haven't posted in a while// Sorry for the horrible quality, next one will be better. I promise🤗. Video is sped up, remember to do these SLOWLY AND SQUEEZE😇

#throwbackthursday just bc summer is leaving me ☹️ #views 🇩🇴

"Street lights, big dreams, all looking pretty" #empirestateofmind 🗽

Today was definitely one of those days where I had NO motivation whatsoever to workout. Tired from work, and waking up early all I wanted to do was take a nap. Somehow I found some motivation and had probably one of the best workouts I've had in a while. I promise that once you get in your zone you'll be so happy you got in a workout 💪🏽. Everyday, strive to be a better version of yourself 💞 lol ps. Hi @lauracescamilla nice hand

~Leg Day~
Hamstring curls ✔️
Squats ✔️
Laying Leg Press✔️
Glute Kickback with low and high weight ✔️
ps.Sorry for the booty sweat
Anybody else enjoy workout vids? Comment below with workout ideas you'd like to see!
Leggings : @bluebodybrazil_fit

Sunday funday 🌿

Here's to more workout vids🥂
I forgot how much I missed recording and editing , here's a leg day I did at @mountvernonbarbell ; I love coming here for an intense leg day😍. Trying out all the different machines they have🤗. I do 3 sets of 12 reps for most of them. My favorites from this workout were the stiff leg deadlifts (second workout which was a superset with weighted sissy squat ) I really feel this in my hammies& glutes, leg extensions bc QUADS😍 and of course Hip Thrusts, my fave booty building exercise😍 Don't forget to squeeze 🔑
Also started up with squatting as a warm up , started at 135 and went up to my pr of 250x1🤓
Anyone else enjoy workout vids? Comment below with workout ideas you'd like to see!

Y'all be skipping leg day just to run ya mouth 🤷🏽‍♀️🗣 #legdayvidsoon 🤗

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