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gia  Probably drinking coffee somewhere & making new friends. Oh, and I work 35,000ft in the air. ✈️

We threw a killer summer party last night. And then we spent the whole day together, climbing over rocks and swimming and lazying around. We laughed until we couldn't breathe and lost track of time. I didn't realize how much I needed this, but man did I need it.

Today was just a day. I flew my flights, handed out snacks to passengers, picked up all their trash, said hi to strangers, etc. But it also was my birthday. It's easy to get caught up in how I wanted this day to go, and the disappointment that comes with that. But I want to remember the ways in which people love me outside of the expectation of one day. It wasn't my birthday when this picture was taken. It was taken sometime in the middle of February, on a night where I felt overwhelmed by how much I am loved and how wonderful the people in my life are. On all of the ordinary days, that's what I want to hold on to. Here's to another year of learning new things.
also @okcrowe can make some magic behind the camera fyi

Last day of 23. (see also: getting sick and almost halfway done with 6 days of flying)

Listened to Bon Iver while we watched the city turn into twinkling lights all around us. (also saw a lil shooting star and several airplanes fly above us)

Chicago is always so freaking good for my heart. It feels new but familiar at the same time. This weekend has been especially great because
1. I actually have a real weekend off!
2. Got a free donut from @stansdonutschicago
3. @bethanyroes had a taco tour today and I got to eat good food and meet all these cool people and it was fabulous.

Wasn't expecting to end up in Austin this weekend but I'm glad I did because I got to catch up with @mattstocktontx and drink really good coffee.

Started in Canada this week and ended up on the opposite side of the continent, but at least the weather has been almost the same in both places and I haven't needed anything else besides what's already in my suitcase. 💁🏻

Spent the day running around Canada with @itsckelley ducking into all the cute shops, eating the best food and finding lots of coffee.

Always looking for good coffee everywhere I go, but I especially love it when I find good coffee and really great people all in one place.

These last few weeks it feels like I spend more time inside an airplane than anywhere else. I'm constantly waking up wondering where I am and where I have to rush to next and whether or not my uniform looks okay.
Today I'm so thankful that I got to take a breath, lose track of time and spend the afternoon outside in one of my favorite places. I came home covered in dirt and horse hair, without a worry in the world how I looked and my heart is so full from it.

Hi, I feel really really proud to be wearing these wings today. It's been 8 weeks of hard work, long days, and stressful evaluations. I've met some of the kindest people, learned a whole lot about airplanes, and felt overwhelming gratitude for the all the people who have done this before me and have been there to help along the way. The past 2 months have been a huge adjustment, and the next few months will no doubt be an adjustment as well, but next week I get to start working in the sky and I could not be more excited about it!!

Just worked my last training flight before we all get to do this for real!! Our crew was really awesome and let us make the announcements, serve first class, and ask them a million questions. We got the full experience- even down to standing in the galley shoving lunch in our mouths after everyone got their food and drinks. Everything we've been learning makes so much more sense after seeing it on a real plane and it's so cool to see everything come together.

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