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Good morning everybody!!! Todays Family Pets of the day are LACY (on the left) and LADY BUG (on the right) they are twins and about 3yrs old, these beautiful little gals we found on the side of the highway at a pull out area headed to Robbers Cave in Wilburton Oklahoma. One had been.hit and killed by a car, but three still remained there, darting out after each car in front of us that passed them by, and with traffic behind us we couldn't just pull off, so we went passed far enough so Jerr could turn around. I looked at him and said guess they are coming home with us, he smiled and aid we can't just leave them and I replied with " I just love you". As we pull up to our newly rescued fur babies, they jumped in to the car without even being asked. We believe they were kept in cages the way they slept on top of each other for so long when they slept at night. Tragedy struck when recently their sister LUCY got out and was struck by a car and killed over memorial day weekend, it still brings me to tears when I see them waiting at the door or looking for her to return when we are out being good girls (going potty). They are full of love and will cuddle with you all day if you let them. We luv the Energy these these amazing little survivors bring to lives. Your dad's love you LUCY, LACY and LADY. Have a beautiful day eveyone! Luv & Hugs

To all entertainers!!!! As pageant season begins, I know there are many of you who are asking what system is right for you, and to that I offer my experience with the American National Star Pageantry system. Back in August I took my first title as Miss Oklahoma Vintage ANS and immediately I was receiving messages from other ANS members offering their congratulations and offering to help in any way, shape and form they could and they have all played a hand in helping to guide me through this New world of pageantry that I was away from for so long. Patient, kind, caring, helpful, real all are words that describe the people of this amazing system. Two months later I won Miss Vintage ANS and the support has be on going. The ANS system has not only helped my career as an entertainer but has allowed me to travel and meet some of the most amazing people. Here at the American National Star Pageantry system we celebrate you as an individual and encourage your growth as an entertainer. My time with the ANS system has been nothing but positive and my promoters Lukas LaRue, Kevin Hart and Buck Stone are always there for me when I call and never let me down. This has been my experience with the American National Star Pageantry system and this can be your experience to.....So pick your pageant whether it is Mr., Miss, M.I., Fem or Miss Vintage enter to compete and join us here at The American National Star Pageantry system and join a winning and growing family. #MissVintageANS2016 #AmericanNatipnalStar @americannationalstar

Just a reminder that Brenda Calahan is having a Christmas party this Friday December 16th at her house for the High School GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) that I will also be attending and we are looking for maybe some snack donations from our local McAlester friends and family.... Party Statrs at 6:30 and goes to 10:00....Sodas, chips, pizza anything would be a blessing and you can swing by her house and show your support for the kids and say hi while dropping off your donation at 532 east morris , one block north of electric ave. off of 6th street, so please help us help our LGBT community young adults have a fun and fabulous evening together.....and feel free to message me if you have any questions....Happy Holidays and Thank You for you help and support. #MissVintageANS2016 #AmericanNationalStar @americannationalstar

Today is World AIDS Day...let us remember those who's have passed from complications from AIDS, let us celebrate those who are living with and surviving H.I.V./AIDS and let us come together and spread the word not the virus getting to ZERO is the goal
and together we can make it go get tested and know your status, get educated and learn how to prevent the spreading of H.I.V./AIDS ....BE SMART, BE SAFE, BE NEGATIVE....Share this post and spread the word.....Luv and hugs.

To all my Facebook friends and family, if you are out and about this Friday Dec 2nd and feeling the Holiday Spirit stop by the Bamboo Lounge in Tulsa OK. where I will be working it out to raise money at the Leather Winter Wonderland Toy drive and fundraiser at 9pm presented by the Rose Rock Girls of Leather and later that night at 11pm lets keep giving, going with the Hey Girly Girl show benefiting A Friend for a Friend who helps provide food and care the pets of those living with H.I.V./ come out and give a little to help those less fortune (people and pets) have a Very Merry Christmas.....have a Happy Holiday and we will see you there!!!!! #MissVintageANS2016 #AmericanNationalStar

It's December and tis the season to give so that those less fortunate may also enjoy the holidays, families will have Christmas dinner, children will have gifts under the tree and pets will have food all thanks to you, so come out this friday Dec 2nd make a difference in so many people's and pets lives. The first show Learther Winter Wonderland will be a toy drive and fundraiser presented by the Rose Rock Girls of leather, followed up the Hey Girly Girl show benefiting a Friend For A Friend...they help those with H.I.V./ AIDS put food on the table for their fur-babies, remember that we all deserve to have a Happy Holiday and together we can make it happen.....Luv, hugs and Merry Chritmas to all. #missvintageans2016 #americannationalstar @americannationalstar

It's A Night With Styles, with me your hostess Ginger Styles your newly crowned Miss Vintage American National Star and I have brought together one fabulously stylish cast of entertainers the elegant, beautiful and newly crowned Miss Gay Goddess USofA Erikka Shaye , the sultry Dolce Delicious, and yes the rumors are true their Baaaaaack, that dynamic duo of mouthy mayhem Kelly Powers and fresh out of retirement Serena we will see you this Friday the 18th at the Bamboo Lounge for what is going to be one hell of a good starts at 10:30 but come early and have a drink with the girls....Luv and hugs.#americannationalstar #missvintageans2016 @americannationalstar

Congratulations to the new promoter of the Mr. And Miss Oklahoma American National Star, Tiffany to all you Mrs. And Sisters who out to win a title keep your eyes open for up coming dates, and if you are interested in buying a preliminary and help promote/grow the American National Star Pageantry system you can contact Buck Stone, Lindsay Paige, Tanesha Dewberry, Kameo Dupree, or myself Ginger Styles.#comegrowwithus @americannationalstar

My world, my rock , my Jerry Gage, with the twists and turns of our drag career you stand strong and tall beside me and could never thank you enough for the life and love we have shared together I have loved from the moment I saw you....Thank you Soooooo much none of this would be possible without you.

I want to start this post by saying thank you to Lindsay Paige, Londenn D Raine, Kameo Dupree Anastasia Love/ Tanesha Dewberry, Khori Ross,
I am honored that you felt I worked hard enough to earn your votes to be your newly crowned Miss Vintage American National Star2016, I will take your critiques and use them to grow as an entertainer.this has been a lifelong journey for me almost 25 year's and here I stand today the new reining Miss Vintage ANS 2016, so I say to you no matter how long it takes, to always chase your dreams because one day you will catch them. I want to thank Buck Stone for creating the ANS Pageantry system and giving an old queen like myself such a marvelous family that constantly supports and encourages each other, I am glad my journey has begun with you. Thank you Keisha Kye for guiding me in the direction of the of the ANS system, without your constant persistence everyone we worked together at FAT Mary's and the Bamboo Lounge for the past year I would not be here, I luv you dearly Lukas LaRue you have done a fabulous job of guiding me back into the pageantry world after such a long absence from completion you have made this a very happy and memorable time in my life and I adore and luv you for all you have done I hope I have made you proud, and congrats on taking home the promoter of the year award it is well earned...a Great Big thank you to my pageant crew
In talent: Jerry Gage, Carla Renee, Chaella Montgomery, and Gizele Monáe you all were amazing and on point there could not have been a better crew for this talent your the best.

Make-up: Kris Kohl not only did you bring out the best in my beauty, you have been an inspiration to me and you will always hold a special place in my heart, I can not thank you enough.... Hair: To Tena Marie of Dallas your fantastic work on my hair made me feel and look beautiful, I'll be calling you soon.

To Amber Shaye, Destiny Devine, Simone Fire/ Frankie Laita Lauren St James/ Larry Delancey, Christy Labouche/ Carl Geissler and Devine Reality/ Raymond Williams I want to say it was such a pleasure meet some of you for the first time and see others who I have met along the way, it's wonderful to

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