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Keri-Anne  Keri-Anne / mother / blogger, creative photographer and mini creative film maker / dreamer / glasshouse lover πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

We spent some time in the orangery today, shooting some looks for @tinyrosesboutique. It is looking magical in there and is still very much my happy place. 🌸

The light, this dress and this girl. A perfect combination! We are out on a photo shoot today whilst her sister is dancing in a competition at the theatre. Wind and rain this week has stumped our plans but the light today is just wonderful πŸ’œ

I miss sharing some of my digital images on here. I tend to just share iPhone pictures but I am working on so many photography projects right now and just had to share this image. I am shooting the look book for @tinyrosesboutique and this is from a shoot I did yesterday. The daffodils peeking through in the background and the beautiful blossom tree that we found. I shall be sharing more of these images as I finish them. I just love the pop of pink here and there was a little bee flying around us too which was magical.

My favourite photograph from last spring. I am already looking forward to making our egg blossom nests in the Easter holidays :) Today, we went out on a little creative shoot for a look book I am shooting and tomorrow we shall be at the windmill and the orangery for some more photographs :)

Scrolling through my account last night, I could see the colours changing, the seasons changing and me changing with it. Spring is just around the corner and the blossoms and flowers are blooming. I thought I would start this transition on my feed with this photograph I took today. The girls and I gathered blossom from the nearby trees in our baskets and they are currently drying out as the rain came overnight. We are waiting so patiently for them to dry so we can make some crowns. The girls are dancing around me in my room playing goldie locks and the three bears and I have Bon Iver playing and the smell of blossom as it is drying is filling the house. Hello spring and I hope this colour change is welcomed 🌸

We love being high up in these trees. Tomorrow, we are going to collect blossom and make crowns. We might even adventure in the meadow πŸ’œ

An after school adventure. We spent two hours in the forest after school. We visited the hidden Christmas trees that we decorated in December, got caught on too many brambles and found some blossom trees. I am so happy that we got to adventure today. I very much needed it x

This girl. So laid back and fearless but this evening, she is being plagued by nightmares. It is breaking my heart. Stroking her head and seeing tiny tears rolling down the side of her cheeks whilst she tells me about the bad people hurting her. I haven't felt her hold my hand so tight. I have just come down from getting her back to sleep. Golden slumber playing on the CD player and me stroking her down her nose to make her sleepy. Telling her mummy is here and that it is ok to go back to sleep. Putting my head on her chest and trying to not let my own tears come. Eventually, her eyes stopped flickering and she started doing her little squeak snores that she does. I am hoping this is her now but I am preparing myself for a night of holding her close to me in my bed. She will be 6 in only a few weeks but she is still so much my baby. I still have to sing stay awake from Mary popping to her everynight and she clings onto her cuddly toys. She is still so little and I am cherishing every part of her x

A little stop off at the old railway track today whilst her sister was at a party. We were looking for frogs as they love to jump about along the train. Elle found some and we watched them hop about. Mr Jeremy Fisher Elle said. She even looked out for Miss Tiddlewinkle. We then came home and watched the Beatrix Potter story of them. The crocuses were coming up by the track and i cannot wait for the green to come and the forget me nots. This track comes to life so much in the spring πŸ’œ

I feel like I haven't had a single picture over the last two weeks and I really haven't. I need to get myself organised and into a routine of being a working mama, a blogger, having my own photography business and being a student as well as a housekeeper and dog owner! I want to make some time tomorrow to take some photographs. Mia is at a birthday party for the afternoon so Elle and I are going to head on an adventure together. X

A week without posting. I didn't mean to take such a long break but here I am. Remembering our little adventure to the forest two weeks ago. The girls and I walked through the woods on the way home today and we talked about little after school trips we want to do. Let's just hope the weather starts to get better. Hello march πŸ’œ

Thank you for the wonderful love and support on my recent post about my job. Oh, it has been such a wonderful week! Feeling like you belong and feeling like you are making a difference. It really has been such a great year so far. Of course my anxiety is not far away it being my first week and I am constantly worried I am annoying everyone by asking where everything is and how to do things and work printers/laptops etc but I am trying to push those feelings aside as everyone started in the same position as me and I have already learnt so much already. There has been lots of proud self moments this week and I will keep doing the best I can and being the kindest me I can. x

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