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Keri-Anne  Keri-Anne / mother / blogger, creative photographer and mini creative film maker / dreamer / glasshouse lover 🇬🇧

The wisteria was breath taking. I want to bottle up the smell!

A sweet moment between me and Mia captured by her sister. These azaleas were heavenly 🌸

I am currently sitting in a beautiful wild flower meadow with the girls watching the butterflies and bees. We are having a magical afternoon surrounded by flowers and my heart couldn't be happier 🌸

Today, we spent the day in the forest, building tepees with friends in the rain and keeping our eyes out for wild animals. We heard a fox cub call out right by where we were sitting ❤️ Tomorrow, the girls and i are heading to a national trust garden that we haven't been to before. I am ready for the flowers 🌸

I write too much about the moon being in love and fragile birds but it is how my heart see's the world. Collecting beautiful moments and breathing them in.

My heart is drawn to flowers.

Feeling very fragile today. I am nursing a very sore head and concussion after a hard whack to the back of my head yesterday. I have spent my day floating in some kind of strange, hazey world and trying to stop myself being sick again! I am very glad to be in bed and hope tomorrow it has all passed!

She hung off the balcony. Clinging to the rain clouds, she saw her future. An old lady shut in a basement with lavender and poison and young children on mattresses, dirty with pale skin and freckles. They had never seen the ocean or the funfair on bramble hill. She would ask why they were there and why she was there and why they were so full of sorry but they ever answered.

Waiting for the roses to arrive. Last night I dreamt about a rose garden x

Listening to Julianna Barwick and writing up my stories on my typewriter

Today, I don't think i could have felt more sure of who i am. Painting at the easel amongst the flowers with the stream trickling past. The girls blowing bubbles and chasing them through the cow parsley. A basket full of flower books and presses. I felt peaceful and happy. I felt like I was in my own secret garden and when we arrived home, we watched the secret garden again. I made lots of film footage today and this evening shall be spent making a little creative film from our adventure 💕#gingerlillytea

Spending my evening editing and dreaming of beautiful dresses of lace and delicate florals. Tomorrow, the girls and I are going to spend the day amongst flowers with our easel and a picnic. I am going to do some writing and painting and I am also going to make a mini creative film of our adventure. What are your plans for tomorrow? X

Another adventure in the cow parsley. I had a little product shoot to do so took advantage and asked Elle if I could practise some effects I wanted to try. Since I started doing photography, I have loved shooting through flowers or objects. I spent many months working on that years ago and feel it is a staple part of my style. Recently, I have wanted to try difference ways to create hazy effects on my photography without having to use editing. To capture this little haze around this image, I pick up two bits of cowparsley and put them between the fingers of my hand where I was holding the camera. I focused the image and kept my focus locked and then moved the pieces of cow parsley so they just showed on the edge of my lens. Because my image was focused, it created this hazy look. I took over 200 images this evening while trying this effect and I have some amazing results! I just love this image and it is the only one I have edited so far as I just adore her freckles. I want to practise with other flowers and objects to capture unique effects on my images and I hope I can share more tips with you all as I practice more 💜

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