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Keri-Anne  Keri-Anne. Photographer/film maker. Collecting beautiful moments with my camera. Can be found on an adventure #adventurelikebeatrixpotter 🌸

I found a real life flower fairy in the meadow πŸ’• #gingerlillyteaphotography

My heart. I am so completely in love with this beautiful drawing of Mia by the beautifully talented @florencerobbiano Isn't of just enchanting :) x #drawingsofmia

A little swing πŸ’•

Not every one of our adventures goes to plan. Today, we did a little road trip to a nation trust place which was an hour and a half away with the intention of then visiting our favourite heather field. We arrived at the national trust place to realise that they are shut on Fridays. We decided to just get back in the car and drive to the heather to adventure there. We got in the car and it wouldn't start! 20 mins later, it still wouldn't start so after calling my husband in a panic, we got the break down service out except it took 3 hours for them to arrive! He arrived, unlocked my car, turned the engine and it started straight away! I felt so silly ha. I was then so scared of turning the engine of so instead of going to the heather, we just came home. We have booked our little trip back in and once my car has had a little fix, we shall be adventuring once again! It is safe to say that I am shattered now and need a bath and an early night!

A little clip from my new creative film from our little buddelia picking and flower crown making adventure. The whole film is on my YouTube channel (gingerlillytea). I so hope you like it x #gingerlillyteasfilms

A wonderful day at Calke Abbey. It may have rained all day but it was lovely all the same. I really love it there, hiding in secret glass houses and running through the sweet pea tunnel. It was just so so lovely and because of the rain, it was quiet too :)

Today, we picked buddelia and then sat under a tree in the meadow making crowns. I did some film footage so I am just editing that together and I am looking forward to sharing :) After that, I making a list of things I want to do to look after myself better. I started the year so so well. I exercised and ate very well for months but then I started to work full time alongside running my business and everything else I have to do and I started to neglect myself and I am now really starting to feel it. I am booking myself in to have my hair restyled, starting the bbg workouts tomorrow and cutting out all sugar again. As well as other little things like taking care of my skin and doing relaxation. I just need to have a focus on myself and make sure that I take time everything day to work out, eat the best I can and look after me x

I love this little community so much and I have been working hard on being more open and letting you all see the person behind the photos. I set myself a challenge of being in front of the camera more and I am really enjoying it. My girls and husband do an incredible job of creating some lovely photographs for me and I love how that I am apart of the story and not hiding away. It has also built up my confidence in myself and I am learning to love all that I am :) #gingerlillytea

Capturing moments and finding the beauty in the ordinary things has always been something that i have been so passionate about. I may have got my first canon slr at aged 18, but I was shooting on mini 1 mega pixel cameras way before that. Desperately trying to capture a bird in a tree or the hedgehog snuffling around in the garden. I have just wanted to tell stories and capture any memory I can so that I have a story book of my life to look back on. On Wednesday, I was given the most amazing experience to attend a small craft workshop hosted by @canonuk we learnt about their creative part of the website called creative park which is full of amazing paper crafts to download and make with your children. There are so many things to try and make and I made this canon paper camera at the event which the girls have claimed as their own. I caught them this morning putting on their own photo shoot followed by Mimi saying "lets check out the photos we have taken" and them pretend to scroll through them on the back of the screen and discussing each photo in detail. Both girls have already told that they want to be a photographer like me. I hope that between the three of us, we can capture the worlds beauty and create one amazingly beautiful story πŸ’• #getcreativewithcanon

Happy Friday! I would so love to know what you are all up to today? The girls and I are heading out shortly to take my grandma to a doctors appointment and then we are going in search for loosestrife for a little shoot. If the weather holds nicely, we might even go to the forest later on or to pick buddelia to make our crowns. Have the most wonderful day x

After speaking to the wonderful and inspiring team at @canonuk yesterday, I have realised how much I love the process of taking my images. I always see photographs in my head before I take them and It sometimes can be a curse because I can disappoint myself a million times over but then it makes me work harder to try and achieve the images I want to create. I have been using an old canon lens on my digital camera for both photography and filming and also I have been experimenting with free lensing which I would love to do more off. I think I have truly found my style and love the prioress of working with the old manual film lenses to achieve the looks I want in my work. I have been told my many people that my work and style has a uniqueness to it and I want to work harder and harder to capture more stories and more beautiful moments x

We had a lovely few hours at @evenleywoodgarden yesterday. A place that always calms me and makes me smile. We explored, we held butterflies, we found mushrooms and we sat under the trees and listened to the baby squirrels calling up above. My little hashtag #adventurelikebeatrixpotter now has over 100 pictures which is so exciting! I am starting some features from next week and would love you all to join in :)

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