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When you get back from your vacay and there's still a whole weekend before work - ooo ooo! #langkawheeeeee #leemillertripping

Another one for the album. Years from now Lula won't remember the week we spent under the sun watching monitor lizards, playing w sand, her sweaty head lying on my chest as she naps in the sun, the sea breeze gently blowing against our salty summer skin, the smell of sun screen, collecting sea shells, swimming in the pool, her sitting on daddy's shoulders as he lifts her "high up!" and her parents hugging and kissing her every time they get a chance. But she'll have heaps of lovely videos and pictures and she'll know she's loved. We had the best time and I can't wait for the next vacay with Lula.
#leemillertripping #LuellaLeeMiller #langkawheeeeee

Conversations with my baby girl. #LuellaLeeMiller #leemillertripping #langkawheeeeee

@shawnleemiller and I didn't spend Valentine's Day together. He went on a trip to ChiangMai w his friends and I wished him Happy Valentine's on the wrong day! #marriedlyfe! But last night I had a dress that demanded a date. So we had a really nice post-V day dinner with our little date.
Every day is V Day when you're in love. But that means gotta have lots of date dresses! Phew there are fab dresses at outlet prices at @lulubemine #lulagirl4ever @lulubemine

My sister @cindyocl makes the best organic cookies for babies. This was Lula taking the box away from me stopping me from eating more. For peeps in the Jakarta area. @itsybitsycookie #leemillertripping #LuellaLeeMiller #langkawheeeeee

//NEW WORK - my first necklace for a lovely friend

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//What to do when you unpack your weave and hang it - Grab a fork and gingerly comb the fringes out to straighten it.
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This one's for a dear ex-student of mine who just got hitched.
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Can I haz dis?

Playground love. #LuellaLeeMiller