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Jose Quan 

As the sun will always set, we try our best to compare it to the next, another moment in our lives just as magnificent. The task is impossible. Each time the sun dwindles and the clouds follow, it frames specific details to try and align, its picturesque. And naturally we conclude, each time the sun sets, it draws another day ended, anticipating the experience is as beautiful as the previous one. Sun lit clouds resemble coals glowing in a burning fire. Sun rays beaming from the horizon reaching to peel the darkness over the earth. Perhaps you’ll witness the elusive “green flash” once the sun sets completely pass the naked eye. An explosion of color exhumes from the horizon refracting off the clouds creating dynamic hues to cherish and remember.
This sunset brings me back to a time on Pagan, hiking to places i’Ive never seen before. The surf was up, westerly swells stirring up the black sand beach washing golden spondylus shards on to the beach. If you look to the left, you’ll see The Klamath, anchored up surging back and fourth from the swell. The Super Emerald drifting in the horizon awaiting our departure from this paradise. These subtle details of a picture bring me back to that exact moment. It was our last night on Pagan, then sun was setting while I was positioned myself the bluff that oversee’s the bay. The mosquitos were right on time, feeding off my warm blood as I made an attempt to manage the shutter speed of the camera while swatting my legs. The smell of smoke lingering in the air as the “catch of the day” cooked on an open flame. I’m teleported to this week long journey of escape from social media and cell phones. I remember the feeling of isolation and the revelation that the simple things in life are the ones that bring us pure happiness. #thoughts #contrast #sunsat #sunset #påganisland #pågan #northernislands #northernmarianaislands #ginenmarianas #nikon

Past the white sand beach and a short hike over a rolling hill, coconut groves flourish littering the ground with dirt brown leaves and grey shaded coconuts. Underneath this, nearly camouflaged in, one may recover an ancient Chamorro Lusun (stone mortar). This tool was used to prepare a variety of necessities... from food to medicine (on the west side, there is a lusun said to have at least 20 individual holes, detailing the complexity of mixtures). As you continue surveying the path, it’s a vivid crossing, masked latte stones emerge above the fallen coconut leaves. Latte stones, unlike any other, with columns narrow creating a wall like structure. On the other hand, the cap stone resembles other capstones distinguished through the Northern Mariana Islands.

Not just one, rather several sets dot the shoreline along side the beach. Pinpointing a place where the ancients once dwelled. And one can just only imagine how it was to live back then.
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Leaving the village, ATV’s are the mode of transportation to navigate through the dense lava flow. When the volcano erupted, it spewed a thick blanket of lava that covered a large portion of the runway. This strategic asset was established by the Japanese, prior to World War II. As you make your pass through the lava field, an uplifted ridge parallels the lava flow outlining the Southern side of the island. Apan San Tatte, the East side of Pågan, is exposed to passing weather systems that etch away at the bedrock, creating ravines that lead to the ocean.
At the midpoint of the trail, one pops out at the end of the ridge where the entire East side of Pågan comes into view. Looking South, Elephant Rock can be seen, resembling an elephant half-way submerged into the horizon, cooling off from the scorching sun. Pågan has the only white sand beach that exists in the entire Northern Islands chain (Anatahan all the way up to Uracas). It is past this beach where one of many ancient Chamorro villages can be found, a place to explore and envision how the ancient Chamorros lived and thrived, once upon a time. #lava #volcano #alive #påganisland #pågan #northernislands #northernmarianaislands #ginenmarianas #nikon

Apan San Mena, the West side of Pagan, is a treasure trove that inspires the imagination. Past tides lay multiple lines for a beach comber to traverse. Shards of weathered glass are discovered in a variety of colors, ocean blue being the rarest. Embryo shells resemble the faint image of a growing baby. Vibrant orange Spondylus shells contrast against the black sand standing out to the naked eye. If you’re patient enough, you may fortunately stumble across an ancient Chamorro bead, an very rare novelty.

Once enough materials have been gathered, a necklace can be made. Dremel tools powered by gasoline generators and/or solar charged batteries to expedite the process. With these luxuries, the villagers are capable of making valuable necklaces, bracelets, ear rings, and other decorative ornaments that can be traded with a visitor. If you ever come across a Spondylus necklace, look through the individual beads/shells to see if you can spot a speck of black sand. If you do, you’ll know that it is a genuine product of the Northern Islands. This land is filled with precious riches, the treasure is there for your creation. #westside #coconut #niyuk #påganisland #pågan #northernislands #northernmarianaislands #ginenmarianas #nikon

While exploring the inner crater for the rumored “natural hot water spring”, finger like steam vents protrude from the earth identifying areas where lava may have flowed from the ground. Infant bright green invasive pine trees penetrate through the dense bedrock. Wild boar mud pits surround the inner lake marking a watering hole for passing animals. A small herd of Chiba (goat) etch a walkable trail to climb out of the steep crater. If you’re agile and cunning enough, you’ll be able to capture one and foster as a temporary pet in the village. Despite the catastrophic events that the island has weathered, the spirit of the island is resilient, seen through the signs of life and the perseverance of the people to resettle the island.
The rumored hot water spring was no where to be found. It seems that massive erosion caused the spring to be filled with sediment from the walls of the crater, echoing a constantly changing environment. #dynamic #påganisland #pågan #northernislands #northernmarianaislands #ginenmarianas #nikon

A hike to Pågan’s inner crater takes you on a path across the outer lake mirroring the southern volcano. Steep hill ascents/descents require precise footing and a stable grip to avoid a deadly fall. Protective gear is highly suggested to avoid barefoot melting pozzolan that will devour your shoes; pozzolan is a very valuable type of rock that is used for anti-skid properties used in the construction process of roads. Half eaten talisai seeds(Pacific Almond) scatter beneath bushy talisai trees signaling a foraging fanihi (Marianas Fruit Bat) thriving in such a remote part of the island; ripe talisai has a yellowish edible husk that tastes like a watered down pear. Traversing fern meadows with towering pine trees into a world resembling the lifeless surface of the planet of Mars, Pagan is indeed a different world. #reflect #journey #jungle #pacific #påganisland ##pågan #northernislands #northernmarianaislands #ginenmarianas #nikon

A handful of families populate the islands who serve as stewards of the land and sea. Some individuals descend from the original families that lived on the islands prior to the volcanic eruption on Pagan in the year 1981. Currently, Alamagan, Pagan, and Agrigan have people settled on the islands. Recently, there have been more trips to the Northern Islands to resettle and revitalize the shelters. #swept #superemerald #sunset #sunsat #ocean #påganisland #pågan #northernislands #northernmarianaislands #ginenmarianas

The topography varies between dangerous cliffs covered in dense coconut groves to rolling hills blanketed by creepy pine tree meadows. Both volcanoes (North and South) stand out as prominent features surrounded by a cornucopia of flora and fauna.
The village is located in between the dense jungle and two ocean bays. Here exists Hunters, gatherers, farmers, craftsmen, spearfishermen, and explorers. Everyday life is a labor of love where life thrives off the land, a true Paradise. #longexposure #pågan #paganisland #påganisland #northernislands #northernmarianaislands #ginenmarianas #nikon

Two stratovolcanoes, one North and the other South, serve as distinct landmarks that can be seen as far away as the island of Alamagan. Creating an illusion - Pagan appears as two separate islands upon approach. This is because the peaks of both volcanoes, in beautiful proportion, are higher than the elevation of the land in between.
In these pictures, favorable weather conditions transformed the dormant volcano into a bellowing smoke stack. The wind was not blowing, allowing the smoke to ride into the atmosphere like a chimney. An unparalleled sighting, kindling from rare forces of nature. #stacked #adrift #paganisland #pagan #northernislands #northernmarianaislands #cnmi #ginenmarianas

The first approach alongside the island at dawn is usually ideal conditions to hook up #fishon #doggiestyle #doggie #whitetuna #pagan #påganisland #northernmarianaislands #northernislands #ginenmarianas

The Northern Mariana Islands consists of more than just Guam, Rota, Agiguan (Goat Island), Tinian, and Saipan. In fact, there are a total of 15 islands stretching North towards Japan. Back in August 2013, I had the opportunity to visit the island of Pagan. Over the next few days, I will be posting photos from this trip.
For those who have seen it, never forget the beauty and awe of this simple way of life secluded from mainstream society and the constraints of today’s world. For those who have not, I hope one day you WILL have the chance to witness and experience such a sight as the Island of Pagan. #calm #sunrise #dawnpatrol #approach #pagan #paganisland #northernislands #northernmarianaislands #ginenmarianas

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