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Surf Drills!
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happy to see that the new generation of surfers continues to train Ginastica Natural @riley.morgan_ @ginasticanatural

Where’s your limitations?!
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I am amazed at how @crazytannie, with her amputated leg, willfully makes an effort to make herself better by doing things outside her comfort zone. The 1st step is always the hardest and here she is in her 1st @ginasticanatural session. There's no way but up in improving her movement and mobility. Nothing but respect for her and people, who may have physical limitations, but don't let it limit them from always improving and progressing. ********** What I love about Ginastica Natural is how we learn not only our strengths but also about our body's weaknesses so we can address them and improve our overall health and well-being.

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Happy Birthday Professor @raphaelromano || 📷 @artvideophoto

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Good times in CA with the legends , Ginastica Natural for fighters , we've been working with fighter training since 1977 @ginasticanatural

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This is me...practicing. Balancing the candlesticks is one of the hardest moves for me. On one side I can get my legs together before hitting the ground and the other my bottom leg has to be down before the top leg finishes. Also, I still need a two finger assist on my lower back. @ginasticanatural isn’t easy but it’s worth it. My muscles feel longer, leaner. My balance has become so much better, evident in my golf swing. My concentration and focus has been sharpened. I have done so much yet I’m only half way there in learning all the combinations and movements. This is what keeps me excited & motivated. Does your practice do the same? I hope so! Let’s stay young & fit forever! ✨👊🏻♥️🙌🏼🐛🕯
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this training in water is part of my routine and I apply to athletes and students to prevent injuries, recovery training, improve performance, quality of life and health, in my certification courses I teach Ginastica Natural and this lifestyle/este treino na água faz parte da minha rotina e eu aplico nos atletas e alunos para prevenir lesōes , treino de recuperação ,melhorar a performance , qualidade de vida e saúde , nos meus cursos de certificação eu ensino a Ginastica Natural e este estilo de vida #lifestyle #qualityoflife #qualidadedevida #fisioterapia #wellbeing #wellness #jiujitsu #breath #bemestar #surf #helth #estilodevida @ginasticanatural

Last week for Registration || Certification Course in Argentina July 21-22 || Certification Course in San Diego July 13 -16th || @alvaroromano @raphaelromano @ginasticanatural

|| Certification Course in Argentina July 21-22nd || Last week for Registration || contact: || @raphaelromano @tom.quintana @martinpasseri @reefargentina

Happy Birthday Master @alvaroromano 🙏🏽

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