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Gina Röckenwagner  Transcendent cultivator - Boss female @poppyandpima - The original 3D printer ☁️

I can haz personal style blog? Welcome new fronds! 🌴 glad you’ve decided to follow along this lyfe of lint rolling and kooky outfits. Here I am channeling Oma Omw 2 get bbq after finally seeing Black Panther (those costumes?! Hyperventilating). 📸: @a__lake . Jacket: uniqlo U. Polka dot Dress: made by me from (methinks) Marc Jacobs fabric by way of Mood. Leggings: Aritzia. Nike sneaks. Scarf bought in Goa.

Your girl is on @cupofjo today talking about being a rainbow and arm dancing. Link at the end of the rainbow! 🌈

Because if you didn’t take a weird self timer picture in the dark at your moms house in your cute new outfit alone while everyone else is sleeping and your nerves are fried from the weekend and oh yeah market month, did it even happen?

Passionate from miles away ✨ passion makes you do amazing and crazy things all at once. Like use your tears to block the sweater you’ve just poured your whole heart and soul into. The root of the word passion is the Latin pati: to suffer. We literally suffer for our art. This is a metaphor that comes up a lot for me, especially this week. My best work often comes out of times of suffering. Anyway, I could talk about this for hours but I think that’s enough emo rambling for this Saturday!

True story: I was a high functioning crazy person today. Thanks to all who reached out and raised important points, like people are praying to be in your position right now, and ask yourself, are you hungry, angry, lonely, tired? Well yes I was all of those things, plus sick as a dog, but I feel better now. Thanks self care. And tomorrow after I sleep I’ll feel much better. Currently watching ice skating and tucking in those last few ends. 💕 So touched by all the support 😭

Anyone else feel intense ennui bordering on depression after finishing a big project? Because that’s how I feel now. Finished my collection @poppyandpima and now I have a bit of the bum bums. But whatever, let’s just look at this pretty circle I punch needled 💕

🌱Patch job 🌸

gURL 🌸 FW18 picture day

Get me away from here, I’m dyeing

There was a 7.1 magnitude earthquake just off the coast of Perú this morning. I’m so glad all my friends and colleagues there are ok. I grew up in LA, I know how terrifying it is when the ground shakes. Everyone I spoke to said it shook for a long time 😬 So thankful the damage was not bad. Fuerza Perú! Here’s a mini tide beanie the knitters in Lima made me for Christmas 😭🌈

I didn’t choose the tangle life, it chose me ✨ Alternate title: my undoing 🌈 HNY!

Be the scrunchie you wish to see in the world 🌅

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