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⅁ina Anna Maria Nasuti  + writer + shooter + designer stuff. /// national geo ~ vice published /// #picsbyg << Living T.O.📍Born all PEG >>

Relationship goals. ❤️

I grew up with a disc-jockey dad. I have him to thank for dressing me up like dead rockstars on Halloween, teaching me about records, funding my Columbia House subscription, taking me to concerts I'd only appreciate later, threatening to come back from the grave if I ever sell off his Altec 604s - oh, and for literally almost naming me after Tina Turner (true story...nice save mom). To me, my dad is music. Happy Birthday Pa! You're my rockstar.

addiction is a disease 🍃@zevia

Our in-game commentary is hilarious ⚽️ ...mostly when @j.castill plays in net... which is never... so we aren't really funny.

Summer of Superpoint #patiovibes 🍕 🍷 ☀️

Facebook told me it's been 2222 days since we last hit Miami. Good thing there's only 20 more until we're back at it. #tbt #veronikaVSeverybody

New mixtape just dropped: Go big or go home by @thescottyo feat. @saraannross #BehaviourTO 🧀 🧀

pre-piñata challenge

blues 4 blues @shaytalkeemushroom ⚾️

Our love story began on a patio in Winnipeg post pitch 4 years ago. So happy to call this babe one of my best! @geetac ❤️

Got my cards read at the #cmdc conference.
Work line: draws death card
Love line: draws widower card
Happy Tuesday to my life! 🙃🙂 ❤️ xoxo

Best friends, babies, basements, birthdays and a whole bunch of love. This weekend was short but so so sweet. Until next time #ywg ✈️ ❤️

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