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have decided to throw myself out of a plane whilst doing a lip tutorial (duh) for one of my favorite charities - MQ @mqmentalhealth, Transforming mental health through research. I want to show that you can do anything you want to do, despite fear. As someone that suffers with depression, PTSD, anxiety and type O OCD, this is a charity very close to my heart, at MQ constant scientific research is happening to better aid and understand mental health so everyone can get the help they deserve. WE NEED this research to further all of our journeys and understandings, often mental health is left on the sidelines and not recognized as a real illness, when it is, the funding for this research is VITAL.

There is more of my story and art under the hashtag #ghanxiety on instagram. Most of my work and art is about my journey with mental heath and I am constantly trying to de-stigmatize, as is MQ, mental health and a lot of misunderstanding and ignorance towards something that is a very silent killer, that nobody wants to ever talk about until its too late. //// I will be skydiving whilst doing a lip tutorial (duh) thousands of feet in the air, all donations go directly to MQ charity.

I do not like heights, i have never done anything like this and I have no idea why I am doing this apart from the fact i want to do something incredibly terrifying to prove that its possible to be able to do anything regardless of fear, whilst raising money for MIND. Some days I dont even want to leave my room, so I am doing the oposite of that (throwing myself from a plane) to try to show to people that you can conquer anything you put your mind to.
For more of my work/art/journey around this please see #ghanxiety on instagram.

TWENTYEIGHT. Thanks for the lessons past 27 years. Took me a long time to get here but here I am ❤️

Pistol Whipper // By my momma @angelawynnephotography wearing rad @wickedlesterclothing hair by @deathd1tto

👋👋👋👋🍃🍃🍃shooting today wearing @wickedlesterclothing ❤️ song - @adtr

(s)AINT. ‘IM NOT A ARTIST IM A FUCKING WORK OF ART.’ @marilynmanson / don’t let anyone tell you or make you feel like youre anything other than what the fuck you know you are, the good and the bad. As my 27th year is ending next week I am ready to shed the rest of this skin and mind of anything other than the real me, regardless of past crushing expectation from myself and especially anyone else. Thanks @marilynmanson for being my inspiration and hero. / thanks for my new favourite tattoo @kaijago —-Outburn Magazine: ‘In one of your new songs, you say, “I'm not an artist, I'm a fucking work of art.” Does that ring a bell?’
@marilynmanson -‘ That's a song called “(s)AINT.” A lot of people are like, “Is that song about your ex-girlfriend or is it about this person...” I think everyone misses the point that the song's about me. It's about everyone expecting me to fit into their definition of perfect and pointing out that success doesn't change the fact that people always demand something from you. In fact, sometimes it could be worse, because there's a lot of pain and pressure that everyone sees with anyone's career to maintain something that is great and to not let it expire. That song throws out a bitter sarcastic element that is directed to people who don't understand what I do, and a lot of people don't want to dismiss me. A lot people have a hard time saying, "Hey, that's actually good," which I find a lot. I don't take it as an insult, because if I wasn't myself, I'd quite possibly dislike someone like me also, buy only because I think that what I do is good and I get away with it."

HEADSTRONG/// piece by @l.arca.l // Horns are an animal's weapon, so it follows that as a symbol they function as representing strength and aggressiveness. They are also the power and dignity of the divinity, and horned gods usually represent warriors’ everything by me for #wierdoseries //// Wearing incredible @l.arca.l head piece and only @katvondbeauty GOLDSKOOL highlighter and lip shimmer//

Cannot say, I'm breaking the rules
If I can glue them back together
Scars on my fingers, bruises my neck
Crashin' my chains, warship my wreck /// self portrait #wierdoseries

Humongous me today by my angel @diangular for #ghanxiety (our joint page is @ghxdem) ❤️love you #diangular #ghanxiety

When you’re going for that natural beachy insta model girl next door look. How did I do? @frederic.monceau // lipstick is @katvondbeauty Santa Sangre and lashes are @modelrocklashes

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