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if you ask me where i got it from. my mama😍 when we got back to our rental car my mom grabbed this can out of a nearby pile of snow she had stuck there to keep cold 😂🤓genius

me: i hate drama
also me:

before i went on to sing yesterday, my parents and i sat in the audience and listened to a few of the competitors. the first person we heard was a girl in a pink dress, a few years younger than me, with the most beautiful effortless voice. her songs were more advanced than mine and she delivered them with ease. i was like ok🤯cool. if you caught my instagram story a few days ago you heard me say i wasn’t as prepared as i “should” be but that i had set a goal to compete and i would go for the sake of opening the door to new possibilities. when i was backstage i decided that i would just go on, and show exactly where i am right now. so, that’s what i did. out of the 42 competitors, only 5 made it to the next round, and neither i nor the girl in the pink dress were one of them. after the competition each person had the opportunity to sit down with each of the judges and they basically tell you why they didn’t think you were good enough to continue on to the next round. while waiting in line i met a girl who also didn’t continue on, but does have a contracted job singing in an opera house in germany coming up this summer. she has been singing professionally for years and has competed in several Met Audition competitions. after hearing the judges critique my voice, technique and delivery to my face (ouch) i walked away having learned some things. one, the arts are cut throat and no one cares about your feelings lol two, nothing is handed to you and you’re not entitled to anything (bummer) and three, what you have to share is only honest if you are honest with yourself...and only from there can you truly grow. it was a humbling experience and it won’t be my last. viva l’opéra!

my parents flew into denver to watch me sing tomorrow😭 like the supportive angels they are. here is mommy and me 28&58👩🏻👩🏻 not pictured is dad, who avoids being photographed at all costs (such a dad). if you need me i’ll be not sleeping and not being relaxed in our hotel room🤪

you asked for more singing videos!! from tonight practicing the french aria i’m presenting in my competition in denver in 3 weeks!!! working out the kinks and feeling the groove~ but first, let’s talk about that lamp.

happy new year from Italy-Alex (which if you ask me is probably the best version of myself) this year was SOMETHING. in march i was laid off from my salary-plus-quarterly-bonuses-job (with all expenses paid company trips 😢) with a brand new car, a trip to italy already booked and student loans to pay honey 🙃 i was horrified and basically didn’t sleep normally for months but in all of that—i decided to go into business for myself doing lashes, full time. for some reason it was the only option in my mind and i knew if i could make it happen, it was going to be really good. and it has been reeaallyy good!! i learned i can craft the life i want! also, i started singing again! i made friends! i found closure with my past! lol so many good things resulted in my life turning on its head—i’m grateful. and i’m ready to take this energy into 2018🤩 to embracing set backs!🥂

im 28 and im feeling bossy okay?

⭐️We wish you a Happy Alexmas ⭐️ #goldenbirthday #28

🎄 merry christmas from these christmas hams 🎄

on my last night in italy this june, the group i was with at dinner wanted to hear me sing after learning i graduated in opera performance. i reluctantly agreed; singing in front of people in a non performance setting is usually weird so i rarely do it. since graduating 6 years ago i hadn’t taken a lesson or really touched that area of my life unless i’m using it as a party trick or bringing it up as a random factoid. after i sang, an older lady, probably 80ish, came up to me with tears in her eyes and placed her hands on my shoulders and looked me in the eye and told me that what i had was special and it had to be shared. in that moment i saw my grandmothers stern encouragement from the other side, and i cried. i decided to start taking lessons again and last night was the first time since 2011 i’ve performed in this type of setting. sharing this part of myself is something i’ve never done, (i don’t have any youtube videos etc) and it’s just like ripping myself open and letting people see what’s inside, but, i know this part of myself is special and should be shared. next month i’ll be competing in a vocal competition in denver and i’m terrified but..i believe it’s important to practice vulnerability and to stretch ourselves to do scary things. so, i’m sharing this. here’s to chasing your dreams and never giving up and shooting for the moon and all that. and, to grandmas 🌈✨

New York City, you are magical ✨

it’s my last day in new york and i have to shout out my favorite city kitten!😻 Shelley is so generous, so fun, so freaking smart (nyu law!) and she also has the best cheekbones i’ve ever seen. love you angel! thank you for the best trip!🌈❤️

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