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Gil 'GIDORI' The Grid  👁 @amentimovemeant 🔮 Shaman of Movement 💠 Teacher in Body, Mind & Spirit ⚜️ Conscious Artivist ☯️ Shadow Worker 💜 Poly 📧

Back on the Grid with a Lil'Garage Get Down.🎶
Since it's been waaaaaaaaay to long I posted one. 😔

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Trust & Surrender

Took a few days to recover, realign and restructure myself back into "normal" life.

The ayahuasca experience were 2 weeks filled with magic, which the monkey mind tried to rationalize the experience. Had to let go of the attachment of reason to let the lessons truly sink in.

It was 10 days living without walls, a dieta with 0 salt, oils or sugar.. (just plain rice and plantain haha), we had our own huts which was fully open and at night the jungle comes alive with all its animals and insects sounds becomes a sometimes fearful symphony of the night.

I had 3 plant teachers, it may sound weird but there are plants in the world that contain a lot of wisdom and lessons. In order to receive, the ego needs to shush and accept that we know nothing.
We had the honor of heading into the jungle and pick the plants itself and establishing a deeper connection with them. 🌿🌿 We had 3 tobacco ceremonies, in which we drink a brew cooked out of wild tobacco leaves which we had to purge directly out of the body, linked with certain attachments.

Chuchuhuasa was my plant teacher I chose which has different affects and focus points of healing then other plants. Drinking a liter of it on a daily basis with the strict dieta, made the body more clean and receptive to the jungle and guides to enter.
The combination with the main teacher ayahuasca was like they were performing an Astral tag team. 😂 In total we had 5 ceremonies, 3 rounds of the vine of the soul freshly directly brewed.

It's truly a different experience inserting this plant, exactly where it grows naturally and be surrounded by the jungle. By drinking, you literally become part of the jungle and its consciousness turns into a guide and protector. The setting enhanced the experience by tenfold compared to my prior experiences.

I will share more of my experiences in later posts, I won't go into details that much, because it's not about comparison, my lessons are mine. I share to spark interest and respect for it, it's alive and the human ego likes to view things as tools for personal development.

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A lifetime of experiences and life lessons in just 10 days.. There is still so much to process. My sense of self received another powerful paradigm shift.

I am thankful, deeply humbled by the teachings I received. But first I need to integrate everything before I share.

I am happy to head home with new inspiration, new insights and start a new cycle of Gidori. 💜

I will be sharing some of my experiences in the following days but first it's time to rest and integrate my journey.

Love Light & Truth to you all. 💙

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I will be spending my 27th Bday with the plant teacher "Mama" Aya in the Peruvian Amazon jungle, at the root and birthplace of Ayahuasca.It's been 4 years ago since the last time and through that experience Amenti came to be.

I will be embarking on a retraite and learn about the plant medicine, how it is prepared and brewed, about the ayasceuro culture  and to learn from the native shamans together with my best friend and oracle @elianebula . We will be totally off the grid until the 3rd of December.

In the fall 2019 I will make my debut  with  my very first evening-full Theatre production  tour called "Ayahuasca" funded by @fondspodiumkunsten & Powered by @ishdancecollective .  This will also mark the first official Theatre production as @amentimovemeant with an amazing international cast. Throug this rebirthing ritual (homework hehe) , I strive to learn enough so I can incorporate the spirit of Ayahuasca as authentic as possible within my artistry.
A lot of people start to grow an interest in aya, slowly becoming a hype, however it is important to understand that it is not a mere tool for enlightenment, it is a teacher and is to be treated with the same respect.

Through this piece  I want to give the audience an experience slightly similar, to experience healing. And not by only hugging people, and  focusing on abundance or the positive only trap, but by self work, acknowledging the damaged parts of our psyche and soul we all have... Sharing light upon the parts we neglect within ourselves.. This is 'the basic of shadow work and the base of my spiritual practice and the foundation of Amenti. (name wasn't chosen randomly 😂) Amenti Collective started out as a experiment and in 2019, we start anew. Reborn. Having developed a Intuitive Movement practice with allows intuition to flourish within and outside dance which hold therapeutic benefits aswell,  now it's time to create therapeutic healing hard af art aswell ☺️ Will be back in December💜

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San fran, once again you've been good to me 💜. Will be spending my birthday in Peru next up. 🇵🇪 Big post about my journey there tomorrow,

Performing segments of our Theatre performance "Anima" in San Francisco this weekend.🇺🇲 Showering the sunshine state with some @amentimovemeant artistry 💜

Lots of love to @sfhiphopdancefest for bringing us back for the second time.
P.S @wesley_vayu doesnt want to go back already 😂

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Sharing some words about the performance Anima. 💙 Full recap on @amentimovemeant

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When two 👽meet up on the floor the first time 💫
First time improv with @__duimalot__ for some research🔥 #gilthegrid #duimalot #Dance #experimental
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This is the 6th born day I get to celebrate with you @mirjammanusama

The bond between us gets thicker throughout the years due to struggling with binding a universal connection in earthly frames. Funny that we never had issues with each other as persons. 😊

This year is a different type of celebration, since this year we found a relationship that works for both of us. A lot of people can't grasp what we are since we're not the conventional bf/gf.Technically, and earthly we're exes.
Consciously and by our own definition we're life partners, we're in a free relationship which we chose. Others might use Labels as Poly, open, etc to put a grasp on it but yeah...... We're Hella weird, people always had trouble framing us in a box 🤣 it ain't easy coming out like this since it's a form that can and is easily rediculed.. But hey team freelove.
(Sagi's are a pain in relationships and you tamed one, kudos 😂🔥) The reason why I point this out today, is that i want to put out and remind you, myself and the world how much strength you possess. It took a lot of soul searching, confrontations with ego, attachments and alone times to get where we are.. But hey we here now and having each other in our lives with a lot less attachment and rules.. I get frustrated when people call me strong and call you pretty, since you're one of the strongest woman I know. One of the reasons I could remain strong, since you were empowering me in the moments I was weak.

This next phase of us is not about us, it's about you now. And it is time for me to give you that total freedom to rediscover you in all aspects, notbletting my ego or egoic attachments / masculinity block your life long journey in developing yourself has been my part of the proces.

It''s time to let the world know about the talent, wild creative force that is @mirjammanusama
The current walking and talking Anima in my life.. Wishing you a good one as always and let us discover deeper parts of ourselves while enjoying each others company in total freedom 💜

I love you but I don't own you.

ANIMA/ANIMUS Rehearsals in full effect 🔥 Premiering our 30 min duet on 5 October @maastd.. Tickets can be copped through the link in bio.

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To animate is to feel.

A raw snippet Of ANIMA. A piece made to rebel against toxic masculinity by illustrating the female psyche within men, our Anima.

A term developed by C.G Jung

We don't act out the stories we tell. We embody them completely by diving into our method which emphasizes on intention, making each of our performances authentic.

By infusing the holistic approach of body work, Contracting and vibrating my muscle tension at will, ridingthe vocal of that female scream as a inward yell for release, altering my breathing pattern and tapping into my emotional identity, I embody the countless times I struggled and got emotionally hurt by suppressing my emotions in order to be a "man". Emotions = energy in motion, when it isn't safely expressed, it remains stuck into the body and eventually hardens it.
Hence this segment became a symbol of a man venturing through life with an heavy emotional baggage, struggling, tense, heavy.

We will be sharing more of these insights and knowledge about the Anima itself during the Anima/Animus Theatre night.

Through @amentimovemeant we combine art & knowledge to spread more awareness.

You are invited 💙

Link in bio.

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ANIMA/ANIMUS 5 Oct @maastd
X @amentimovemeant

Anima is the main performance of this event (danced by @gilthegrid & @wesley_vayu ) and is a piece about the female psyche within men. It's about toxic masculinity, the way society nowadays deals with men and how to integrate this energy. We will premiere out longer and upgraded Anima 2.0 🔥

Animus is a performance about the male psyche of the woman. (Danced by Agnes Philipsen & Tamara Robledo Oud)

Both are terms developed by psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung, as an idea that both men and women have both feminine and masculine energy within them. Not only biological but also mental.

Before we are going watch Animus and Anima, Gil the Grid will focus your attention with an introductive exercise in which we tackle the judgement and convictions we have about the world around us. 
After the two performances, we will join a open talk by Gil the Grid and Wesley Vayu.

Ticket link in bio🔮

Gil The Grid & Amenti MoveMeant
Gil the Grid is a dancer, movement artist, and was a finalist in Holland's Got Talent 2017. He is nominated for 'De Zwaan', an award for the most impressive dance performance 2018 and is the founder of Amenti MoveMeant. From a need to inspire others and make uplifting art, Amenti MoveMeant was born. A safe space to create, learn and develop one's self.

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