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Had an amazing Tuesday evening in Moscow in company of wonderful women @azarenok and @ksenia_bezuglova and thousands of people online at the conference “Be brand”.

We had a great conversation where I shared my experience and advice on how to build your personal brand from zero and develop it so that it would work for you and help you to connect with great people around the world!

Did you take part in the “Be brand” conference? What insights did you get?

Happy to be a part of Synergy Global Forum this year. It’s going to be very special.

We’re going to discuss a very interesting topic - “Time to live in Russia” in a cool company of @oskar_hartmann @seagalofficial @uilliamlamberti, @pozneronline and @jeff_monson_official . We are going to share our experience of living in Russia, doing business here and share some ideas about the future of Russia.

Thanks Gregory @avetov for your huge work to make this big event happen! Highly recommend everyone to join! #gilpetersil #synergyglobalforum #sgf #sgf2018

«Жизнь состоит не в том,чтобы найти себя. Жизнь состоит в том,чтобы создать себя». Джордж Бернард Шоу #gp_inspiration


Katya and myself are absolutely sure that successful business starts from your personal brand. If you have a strong vision, a particular mindset, people will follow you and support your ideas to grow together and be successful.

Our good friend and expert in personal branding @azarenokpro is setting up a great online-conference about personal brand - how to create and strengthen it.

I support this event with great pleasure and will be speaking about strategic networking through personal brand. Highly recommend you to join!

A couple of words from the organizers:
С 19 по 28 ноября состоится самое масштабное событие в теме Личного Бренда — онлайн-конференция «Будь Брендом».
📣16 экспертов-практиков из разных ниш и 20 предпринимателей, которые успешно активировали свой бренд
✅10 дней
✅40 часов контента
Получайте конкретные технологии, как построить личный бренд.
Обмен опытом, вдохновение, передовые знания, драйв.
Чтобы крутейшие спикеры-эксперты-предприниматели-мотиваторы, поделились MindSet (образом мышления) успешного человека и практическими бизнес-инструментами и стратегиями.
Чтобы проявленных человеков-брендов было больше. Ведь каждый профессионал, который стремится к мастерству, должен быть БРЕНДОМ.
За 10 дней вы испишете десятки листов, обновите планы, расправите крылья ⭐️⭐️⭐️
И все это- БЕСПЛАТНО!🙏🏼😎
Регистрация ▶ @azarenokpro

Happy to be connected with the fellow Russians, government officials and lots of investment funds that are interested in further development of the Russian economy like myself. Having this event in Singapore is a great honor because you get to meet real movers and shakers of the country. It’s a great networking event and I am happy to be a part of it before I fly back to Moscow. Many thanks to Tatyana Sheremetieva for invitation and wonderful organization of the event!


There is a great saying: “You have only one chance to make a good first impression.”

What you say at the beginning of the conversation will make people either continue to communicate with you or say goodbye immediately. One of the most successful methods of effective communication is to give the other person to see the benefits they will get from communicating with you, or to start a conversation with a compliment.

If you can offer someone new opportunities, engage them in a conversation without thinking about the benefits you can get out of it, if you ask yourself: “What can this person get from our communication?” And start the conversation with such thoughts, people will definitely find the time to talk to you.

Speaking about first impressions, the story of how I met Katya, my wife, comes to my mind. A few years ago, my Italian friend invited me to a bar: people where walking around, mingling, chatting and enjoying themselves. I spoke to some of the guests and was about to leave when I met my old friend by the coat check. We started talking, and suddenly I saw a girl at the bar who looked like all my teenage dreams: a beautiful blonde with a perky laugh. I continued to chat to my friend, but constantly was distracted with this girl and noticed that she looked back several times too. My line at the coat check was coming up, but I asked my friend to excuse me, and went to the beauty who had attracted my attention.

We met, began to talk, but she did not want to give me her phone number. Then I took out my business card, handed it to her and said: “If you call me, I will make one of your wishes come true!” She was quite impressed.

For several days I was waiting for a call, and finally she sent me a message. I was very happy! We began to communicate, then met, and now Katya is my wife, the mother of our wonderful kids.👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
How did you meet your significant other? Please share!
#gilpetersil #family #firstimpression

Time flies........
It’s been only 2 years since this photo was taken and it feels like a lifetime ago.

Tony coming to Moscow on September 1st was a dream, which became a vision, which developed into a plan, which transformed into a life changing experience for many around the world, especially for those who chose to fully experience it.

Katya @kate_meetpartners and I are constantly asked to share what Tony actually thought us. What changed in our lives transpired. What habits and rituals we took away from his events. And so many more questions which we openly share as there is definitely a blueprint to happiness, success and a flourishing family.

🔥JOIN US!! Click on the link in my profile🔝

We would never say that we’ve got it all perfect, because we definitely don’t! We have as many problems as most other entrepreneurs who are trying to make this world a better place....🙂 while growing a family, traveling regularly, enjoying life’s treasures and finding time to relax of course.

As a final 2018 Love-offer to our friends and community, we are organizing a free webinar to share the TOP 5 Lesson from Tony Robbins that directly changed our lives. We’ll go into detail of what steps we took and where we even failed along the way.

We see clear results in our lives and the beauty it brings into others lives, so it’s only fair to see more people STEP UP in their lives and business.

🔥PLEASE JOIN US for an evening of inspiration, growth and clarity. Tap on the link in my profile🔝

****If you’ve been to Tony’s seminars around the world, mention one mega results that’s happened to you since please.🙏🏼 #gilpetersil #tonyrobbins #personalgrowth

«Лучшая подготовка к завтрашнему дню - превзойти самого себя сегодня» Н. Джексон Браун, младший #gp_inspiration

Remember, I asked you to vote for a photo that is better suited for a magazine cover? And the November issue of the “Business Journal" has appeared so fast!

How to get into the "big league" with the help of networking.

In my interview for the Business Journal, I talk about how to use the largest educational offline platforms to scale your network of contacts and expand business opportunities.

Learn all about new educational trends and what qualities a modern entrepreneur should have in order to be in trend. Mentioned @oscarhartmann and @dimakovpak as a great examples of modern intrepreneurs.
And who do you follow as your personal example in life and business?

Use the link in my profile to access the whole interview.🔝#gilpetersil #businessjournal #бизнесжурнал


The end of the year is slowly approaching- November and December are typically very intense months on business events.

22-25 November I would like to invite you to meet me in Moscow at a closed business forum "Russian Business Bridge".

Have a look at the announce:
500 предпринимателей со всего мира и эксперты-практики международной торговли.
▪️ Привлeките иностранных партнеров и инвeсторов;
▪️ Изучите финaнсoво-юpидические аспекты международной деятельности;
▪️ Узнайте тонкости оптимизация логистики; ▪️ Поймите, как управлять международными кoмандами.
▪️ Внедрите реaльно рaбочий мaркетинг;
4 дня, чтобы сразу найти клиeнтов, пaртнeров и инвeстoров для рaбoты за рубeжом.
Если вы понимаете, что вы в разы масштабируете бизнес, выйдя на международку, на Business Bridge вам помогут:
▪️ Специалисты экспорта и государственная поддержка;
▪️ Международные предприниматели;
▪️ Опыт тех, кто совершил oшибки и знает, как их не допустить вам;
▪️ Вдoхнoвляющие кейсы крутых компаний.
Вы найдете нужные контакты, трендовые проекты и инструменты для мaлого и срeднего бизнeса, чтобы быcтpо выйти на международный рынок.

Get more info in @ronzhinaevgenia profile and see you in Moscow!


The word “mentorship” is extremely boring.😩It makes my jaw hurt upon hearing it. An image of my ex-boss arises in my head: when I worked in London, he used to close the door of his office and lecture me. Sad thing, as the key point of mentorship is much wider now. My goal is to show you the ways it truly works, and dispel the common myths that Russian people have about it.

Everyone needs a mentor, no matter what step of the career ladder you are currently at, whether you are a freshly graduated young adult, or a top manager suffering from professional burnout and bumping the “glass ceiling”, or a middle-level manager who dreams of opening a business.

Mark Zuckerberg had Steve Jobs as his mentor at the early stages of developing Facebook. Steve Jobs himself had Mike Markkula, one of Apple’s first investors and top managers. Eric Shmidt, IT engineer, was a mentor for Sergey Brin and Larry Page from Google. Do you really think these guys were less self-confident than yourself? No, but they needed help, as well as you do. A mentor is the best tool for those who want more from their life.

🚀🚀Why do you need a mentor?🚀🚀

• He shows you the best way to reach your goals. Tells you about his own mistakes. He made them, while you, with his advice, won’t. You won’t suffer from failures and won’t lose your resources, including the most important one – time. So choose a mentor from those who have already traveled the path you are just entering.
• He will criticize you. He is the person that you trust. So you are ready to take his constructive feedback.
• He inspires and encourages you, and he doesn’t let you give up.
• He takes you to his level.
• He shares his contacts with you. Introduces you to the people from his circle, gives referrals. With your mentor’s help you can drastically expand your network of useful contacts. You get into the circles that would be extremely hard to reach on your own.

⁉️Do you want to know how and where to find a mentor? Write in comments if you are interested and I will share more #gilpetersil #mentorship #gp_mentorship

«Если вы не способны на великие дела,помните,что вы можете отлично проявить себя в мелочах» Наполеон Хилл #gp_motivation

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