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Gilles Marini  Adventurer, FrenchNeck, motorcycle enthusiast, MMA, BJJ, pastry chef, DIY kinda guy and loving being a Dad. @gillesmarini

#10yearchallenge . A lot is going through my mind, while I reminisce on the good, the bad and the ugly.
I’m coming out with one thought.
It’s really not about getting older that matters to me. It’s about the person I have become. #peace #2009 #2019

My Icelandic brother is coming to town:))) Can’t wait to have you in California with us. Let’s kick ass. Ps: Photo taken in the mountains of Lescun in France, we were crossing a fresh avalanche. Yep, daredevil for sure. lol #lescun #waitingforanya #friendship

Question: Here is my #bestnine2018 . Gosh, shame on me for wearing a tee shirt in one of the photos, right? 😂 Well, at least, I was wearing a pink pants. I see a double photo from the famous @fredgoudonphotographe and the usual suspect shot as an extra. 😂. Then with my friend @maxisms , who made me smile and see the world in a new way, thanks man. Also twice a photo with my gorgeous son. That makes me happy. A @seanblackphoto In the pool, of course ;) and a building project with the help of Jenny Jen aka the one and only @jenny_leeser . Thank you all. Not for the likes but for the love. 2019, will be sensational. Happy new year to you all. May this 2019 be less tumultuous and more together. Full of happiness building great memories for you and the family.

Moving forwards is never easy. Fear of failing, disappointing the people you love, making the wrong choices and more. But truly, isn’t it what life is about? Like they say. It’s not how bad you fail down that matters, it’s how you get back up. Let’s kick ass in 2019. Love all. 📷: @jenny_leeser

Merry Christmas from us to you guys. This is my favorite gift this year. Thanks @deadbeatnik92 for painting our family as the exact photo we got from @chrisameruoso couple years ago. Thank you @shaun_thomas13 for making it happen. How cool :))👍 #family #Christmas #idyllwild

Thanks @amaremagazine for the great day of shoot. @gorgeousgeorgiie , Congrats on the well deserved success. A special thanks to @jenny_leeser for making it happen.. #fashion

Best way to start the holiday. Taking off with my daughter @officialjulianamarini to a road trip to our cabin. #mountains #nature #family #merrychristmas

Cannot wait for #waitingforanya to be released. In my wildest dream, I would love to see it open in the @festivaldecannes . I grew up there and for so many incredible reasons. I would love it to be. #Truestory #secondworldwar #lescun #jeanreno #angelicahuston @noahschnapp @freddy_fresh1 @tomaslemarquis @thomaskretschmann @elsa_zylberstein @josephinedelabaume @sadielizafrost and more...

Happy Holidays....
I may show off on that picture, but know that I pretty much blown my lower back while loading it up in my truck. 😂 Moral of the story: No pain, no gain.
Ps: I’m a tree lover. This tree, needed to go cause it was growing right next to a mature tall tree. The ranger told me to cut it or it will kill the big tree eventually. Also, it’s a blessing to have a Forrest as part of my property.

I just did 20,000 abs workout in 20 minutes #totalsculp with @grossmandermatology #gainwithoutpain

Thanks for the memories Coco. You were our favorite green 🥚 lady. You lived long and well. Thanks @thejuliandahl for taking this picture. she passed the next day... #grateful #animals #loveall #rip

What a week... How terrible would it be to all get along? Let’s love, enjoy our family and friends. You truly never know when it’s the last time you’ll see them. 📷: @thejuliandahl with @nikonusa

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