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Gilles Marini  Adventurer, FrenchNeck, motorcycle enthusiast, MMA, BJJ, pastry chef, DIY kinda guy and loving being a Dad.

He’s honest, sweet, athletic, smart and with a huge heart. Now tell me my friends. How is it possible that my son is still single?!!!?!??!? 0k, ok. He truly likes good girls. Does not like BS or any kinda drugs. So, he always tells me that it’s rare to find someone clean with desire of making something great for their life at his age. A bit baffled by this generation but I’m sure everything will be just fine. #proudfather @georgesmarini

Nothing is comparable to the love you have for your kids. I’m blessed to have them all. Thanks @officialjulianamarini @laura_goretta @mandyy_g4243 @noemy.giacomi and @georgesmarini for hanging out with your old man. #family #vacation #cannes @villecannes

I can’t even work out when my mom is around. She was so cute yelling "That’s my son, that’s my son" . I love her to pieces:) ps: that was her first #selfie #workingoutathome #france #family #fitness #mommyandme #nofilter #raw

My mom @marinifranca has saved countless animals during her life. As much as I can do for our furry friends she will always be the queen of helping them. This is Johnny he’s now 10kilos, when she found him he was pretty much dead. She’s a saint. :) Now if you wanna help this association is amazing.
Check it out :
Help me make this summer one to remember when you bring home a new furry best friend for $0 adoption fees— thanks to generous donors who have paid it forward around the country!
Join me and @BestFriendsAnimalSociety in finding homes for 10,000 pets by July 4. Find a participating location near you: #SaveThemAll #PayItForward #BFAS

Happy 4th of July everyone. Have fun, be safe and make sure to put some sunscreen. I did not and I feel like a lizard right now. 😂 #cannes #vacation #family #france #allezlesbleus

Farniente à la plage du midi with my brother in law Manu ..... #allezLOM

My gorgeous sister @gorettaesther at the beach, we use to go together when we were young. I took this picture 5 minutes ago and had to post it. She wore so many hats as a kid and took care of us since day one. Balancing and making sure everyone was getting along. I love you Esther... it’s good to be home with you... ❤️ #family #cannes #la16

Congrats #France on wining against Argentina. What a great game. 4/3. Feeling sad for #Messi but so happy for my birth country. Ps: Thanks Ted for hanging out with me and chilling me out. #soccer #football #worldcup2018 #babyfoot

Touchdown! So happy to see mom again. When she said I need to see you, there I come. Thanks @carolemarini for always make things happen when it’s important. #love #family #lamadre

This is #42 ... thanks @seanblackphoto as always your photos are pieces of art. On my way to see my mom in France 🇫🇷. I’m beyond excited. Love all....

Last week preview of a quick photoshoot with 📷: @seanblackphoto .. It’s great to get older and still feel ok mentally and physically. I live by the code of taking advantage of everyday cause I only will die once. I truly think it helped me in my life. #peace #photoshoot #life

And this happen.. Clearly I lost the game. #julianamarini1stallgirlscamp

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