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Kevin Gilgan  Rap-Rock til I die.... and go to Rap-Rock heaven. email: kevin.gilgan@gmail.com


Here's a list of what I've read in the past 3 months. 💫 means it's one of my faves and 🚬 means that I disliked it.
Basically what I've discovered is that Neil Gaiman is one of my favorite storytellers. Margaret Atwood is a god. David Foster Wallace will make me cry. And the "Preacher" series is one of the best series I've ever read in my entire life. Also, there's a lot I don't know I don't know. If anyone has any more book recommendations I'll take em.

Sorry about all the LinkedIn requests.

I call this: My MacBook is installing an update and Netflix is on.

Cutting things with fire is quite therapeutic. #roymfg

Memorial Day weekend with the housemates.

I could probably finish this book if I didn't spend so long finding a good spot to take a picture of me reading this book and then edit the picture and then think of a caption to write about me reading this book...

In the German alps for the weekend.

They tore down the best tire swing tree in the city...

Taco Bell party is gonna be off the chain.

I washed my work jeans the other day and they look acid washed in areas which is weird. So oh well at least the cat thinks that kind of fade is siq.

Things I'm reading and not just listening to.

Found some ancient artifacts in a pit at work the other day. Got really excited when I found a Star Wars Episode I Pepsi ONE can, was really disappointed when it was just Chancellor Valorum. #roymfg

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