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Laura (fcp & ae)  (Very Squeaky.) I'm fine! Totally fine. I don't know why it's coming out all loud and squeaky, 'cause really, (deep voice) I'm fine.

Let’s start this with this isn’t a real edit it’s the product of starting an edit at 5 am while I’m in a mood and finishing at 7 am so ya major scrap figured post it now it’ll flop anyways I’ll delete later but look at my daughter

cc xperaltiagos | ac aenoias
ib and tc aenoias tvdtofeelings
I hate my ae edits so much idk why I keep trying y’all
Also let’s ignore the cute little glitches ig added

My brand™
cc wolvism | ac kuteaudios
dt @mysticbdavis
#omgpage #runicgrp

I’m getting her back.
cc wolvism | ac/ib emiliasbastard
dt @ripperhybrid
#omgpage #runicgrp

Welcome to my new series it’s called “I got forced to upload this” basically Im not very proud of these but y’all loved them and really want me to post them so here 💕
cc wolvism | Ib idk but it’s a Serena edit

Carrying Riverdale on her back.
cc wolvism | dt @lodgesisters

Forever? Forever.
cc wolvism | ac regimechxlls
ib/rm regimechxlls/xvalentinac
dt Beth obviously

Dylan’s best side
This is trash but he isn’t
This is what happens when you have no sapphire, coloring and a crappy computer
ac/rm xangelized/eunoais

Another scrap edit this was made in 5 minutes
I was testing out some stuff
I’ll delete it later it’s hideous but they aren’t

I made this three months ago 💀
I’m just posting this for alittle I’ll delete it later and have a better edit once my computer is fixed sorry guys
ac/rm beronicasfate

Hi if you have any good movie recommendations (romcoms/romance) let me know I’m super bored

My whole heart and soul
cc xperaltiagos (ed) | ib wistful_edits
dt Kenzie congrats on 8k babe 😘
This is kinda sloppy but it’s 6 am so give me a break

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