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Ben Gilbert  Half-witted scruffy-looking Nerf Herder.

A Blackbird at rest. “The M-21 is a variant of the A-12, the earliest Blackbird type. Built for a CIA program code-named “Tagboard,” the M-21 carried unpiloted drones for intelligence gathering. These D-21 drones were intended for launch from the M-21 “mother ship” for flights over especially hostile territory considered too “hot” for piloted Blackbird overflights. Unique design features of the M-21 compared to other Blackbird variants include the second seat for the launch control officer and the launch pylon on which the drone is mounted.

The Museum's M-21, built in 1963, and is the sole survivor of two M-21s constructed. The other one was lost in a drone-launching accident that led to the cancellation of the program.”

Doing the Impossible™ tonight.

Goodbye, Wailea! Even with this Seattle sunshine, we miss you already. Thanks @dananmargason and @mirandarbrown for the shots where I’m in front of the lens.

Good morning, Seattle. You’re looking lovely this morning.

What an insane Spring day to fly into Seattle.

Unexpected overnight snowstorm = bonus morning run views.


Bunch of cross-country pros right here.

Welcome to the moon.

Marveling at the beauty of this city after a loopy day of hail, wind, and brilliant sunshine with @naychaboi8.

First signs of Spring :)

The production value of #Overwatch League is absolutely world-class. Amazing to watch in person. #esports

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