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Gretch  🌼 Que sera, sera

You can be soft AND strong -words from #sage the #plant


Energy ~Prana • • • How do you expend your energy? Do you let it slur in your work? Your passions and your hobbies? Do you dilute your prana(energy)
during social interactions? Do you place an exuberant amount of energy into passing pleasures?

Here in our #philosophy #yoga class at @collectiveyogavb we will learn about our #FOURTH #YAMA

I’m so excited about this one. Patanjali had written this in the sense of celibacy and many monks still to this day perceive it like this, other great #gurus have shared the idea that beyond all these #Symantecs we can see that #energy and #prana lie at the base of the fourth Yama.
Is about #conservation of energy.
Our our inner self builds this fire, this strength all within the #BREATH how can we use it to the best of our knowledge? How can we be grateful for every sip of prana we are given? How can we harness and embrace ALL of this LIGHT!
Join us
Core yoga 5:30-6:30
Philosophy and flow 7-8pm
Every Thursday @collectiveyogavb

•Happy Friday•
This week in class we went over the second #yama
#satya •••••••••••••••
Being honest with ourselves, being true to our self,
Ego says I want this
Ego says I will get that
Ego says I

Our #TrueSelf is often buried underneath layers of what we’ve built up over the years,
Tools, mechanisms, things we’ve used to move through life, but somewhere down your path those tools don’t serve you any longer
When you climb a ladder on top of a roof you don’t take the ladder with you once you get up on top. You leave the ladder behind. Because you don’t need the ladder for your next step. ••••••
Satya is being honest when you say “I don’t need that ladder anymore, I am letting go even though it saddens me to •Loose• this thing
It doesn’t #serve me any longer
Then the #ego says “WHAT IF I NEED THIS LATER!?!”
The true self says I will climb that ladder when I come to it😉

#letgo #moveon #grow #stengthen #live #love #yogaeverydamnday

I deserve to be here
And so do you

•• With the establishment of honesty, the state of fearlessness comes••
#yogainstagram #yogaeverydamnday #yoga

Why didn’t folios and fruticose go to the party together?
Because crustose thought they were LICHEN eachother!
🌞😂😂😂🌞 That’s my very original joke,
#Happy #Monday!

Small strokes
Create a large picture
. •. •. •. .

🌞Gotta get up to get down🌞

#climbing #yoga #newrivergorge #sportclimbing

🌞Soften your perspective, 🌞soften your judgement,
🌞Soften your thoughts
🌞Soften your body • • •
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“By the establishment of truthfulness, yogis get the power to attain for themselves and other the fruits of work without doing the work”

#satya #truthfulness #kindness #love #compassion

•Identity• “You seem to have lost your original identity and have identified with your thoughts and body”
-swami satchidananda ••When we introduce ourselves we begin to describe what we see most obvious about ourselves, we describe the outer layer of our selves, the best body interactions and the body sensations, the physical experiences and the physical spaces. But what if we stopped associating our “whole” self, with our hobbies, our jobs, our past actions...... Who would you be? . . . .
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