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Leiran is the Guardian of House Aurion, and has been a symbol of justice and piety to Aurion’s followers for as long as anyone can remember. It is rumored that she was discovered atop the holy Alabaster Mount and raised in the House Aurion eyrie, but the truth of her origin has been lost to time.

A commanding and fearsome creature, Leiran knows her own strengths and is unafraid to use them. Stories are told that those deemed unjust are vaporized with only a look from the Guardian of Aurion. Whether those stories are true or not is a matter that few are brave enough to investigate…

While traversing toxic wasteland near the Rift, Lady Devaedra stumbled upon the giant, twisting form of Grenn. Impressed by the power that he could feel emanating from her, Grenn listened as Lady Devaedra presented him with an offer: use his strength to help her reach her goals, and in return she would feed him the power that he desired. Grenn agreed, believing it to be the choice that would benefit him the most.

Though the fallen enemies of House Devaedra feed his power, Grenn, like Lady Devaedra herself, is never satisfied with what he has. If he one day found that it suited his needs, he would feel no qualms about turning on House Devaedra and attempting to devour its immortal leader. However, Lady Devaedra is no fool; she knows better than to mistake a mutually beneficial relationship for true loyalty.

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