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late night in my new studio with @_g0tt 🕸🍷

Buster Keaton mood

silver painting from 2017. new work soon. promise 👽

⛓Ready for the weekend⛓

iPhone diary, Berlin
U-Bahn edition

Here for that schnitz 🍗

(Sound recorded live from the performance). Thanks to @anoring & @cptweirdo for filming. Edited by me

My first show in Berlin, SCHMUTZENGEL (Trash Angel). This was also my first international show. It was a one-off performance with @faustianfraulein and Christoph Hahn from Swans with sculptural pieces I fabricated. It was about cell death as an embodiment of societal collapse. At the centre of the work were residual fragments, units generated by the recovery and aggregation of forms and materials that reveal the wear of time. The sculpture resembled an ancient star map, or a human nervous system. I wanted the work to be caught in a perpetual ritual of cannibalising itself.
Christoph called the show a ‘hit and run’. I liked that. .

Big thanks to all involved, and all who came to see it. . 📸 @gavrielmaynard

I am pleased to announce my first show here. It’s called SCHMUTZENGEL (TRASH ANGEL). On the opening of Berlin Art Week. @faustianfraulein will be performing with new sculptures I have made. Christoph Hahn from Swans will be playing a live accompanying sound work. It’s next week. It will be loud. Hope you can make it.
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iPhone diary, Berlin

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