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Jennifer  NYC: EV/LES/BK + S.Fla β€’ Bartender β€’ Omnivore β€’ Whiskey β€’ Music x 1,000,000 β€’ Observer β€’ Ambivert β€’ Constantly Evolving β€’ Cat Mom β€’ Student of Life

I never in a bajillion years thought I'd work in an office again...but here I am...bartending on the weekends and office-ing it up during the weekdays. And go figure, I am actually enjoying it...a lot. It's nice to use my brain for something other than drink recipes, deciphering drunken slurring, and dodging stupid questions/comments/pints of beer being thrown my direction. I'll never leave's my love. But I gotta say, this feels pretty good living on both sides of the spectrum.
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This is my ear food. 🎧


My aunt and I last night before going to see Kinky Boots. ❀

Screw you and your 400% upcharge, Lyft. πŸ˜‘


My first trip to NYC for the opening of Jet Lounge (286 Spring St) 1995? 1996?

I'm really hoping that this storm produces a lot less snow than they are predicting. πŸš«β„οΈπŸš«β„οΈπŸš«β„οΈ
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Henry & Siouxsie

Because I can. πŸ’…πŸΌ

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