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Dustin Gibson  CEO at Oceanside Photo and Telescope www.OPTcorp.com. All astro-images taken by Dustin Gibson


Ever seen a Flying JellyFish so big you could see it from Trillions of miles away? Now you have.
This is my most recent close-up shot of the Jellyfish Nebula. To give a little context to this massive object in space, swipe to see @dailyshyft ‘s widefield shot of the same object.
And listen, she is my business partner (Co-Owner of @optcorp )and friend, but we are also very competitive so if you like her image better, keep that to yourself!!!! If by chance, you happen to like mine better, please feel free to comment as many times as you’d like below.
#opt #optcorp #opteam #nebula #space #competition #closeup #highres #universe

A few months ago, I asked for 5 volunteers to run my Observatory for a night to each collect 1 part of a single image. The idea was to build a small team of people on Instagram who would collectively choose one target and shoot enough data between them to have a world-class image. The team we built for this image has members ranging from absolutely no astrophotography experience, to a couple imagers whose work I’ve long admired. Together, they chose a target, and each took a night to collect their piece of the image. In the end, all of their shots were combined, and this is that image.
So here you have it, a perfect Bubble eternally suspended in space somewhere trillions of miles from Earth, and captured by a team from 3 different countries working together.

Image Credit:
Processed by:
Equipment provided by:
#astrophotography #teamwork #optcorp #opteam

Maybe I’ll do this again soon!!?

Happy New Year friends! Somebody slow things down. Time moves way too quickly!

I’d like to thank all of you for your support of @optcorp and our mission to make the Universe accessible for everyone.
The Customer is now, and always has been the focus of our great company, and I’m very proud to say that a loyalty to service is what keeps OPT the leading astronomy equipment retailer in the World! The company turns 71 years old in 2018, and I am very proud to be part of such a wonderful tradition of excellence.
To @dailyshyft and the rest of the #OPTeam, here’s to another great year of exploring together, and helping others capture the Universe! #2018
#opt #optcorp #astro #space #astrophotography #science #astronomy #telescope #telescopes #universe #stars #starstruck #nebula #newyear #newyearseve #team #2017 #2018 #photography
Picture: Rosette Nebula
Exposure: A very long time
Telescope Used: @planewaveinstruments
Camera Used: @sbigimagingsystems

Merry Christmas everyone! This time of year, we might as well call this one the Reindeer Head Nebula. If you ever want to find this Nebula on your own, just go outside and look for Orion’s Belt. This is the famous 3 Star segment through the middle of Orion, and is very bright and easy to find. The Horsehead Nebula is located at the bottom star of Orion’s Belt. The bright star you see in Horsehead shots is actually the third star of the Belt. Get to a dark sky and bring a telescope or your camera to see it for yourself! Be sure to tag me in your astrophotos. I’d love to see what you get!

This is one of my favorite targets to shoot each year, and this year it was a real pleasure using my new @planewaveinstruments and @sbigimagingsystems equipment they were kind enough to supply for my Observatory in Landers, CA.
#optcorp #astrophotography #space #christmas #planewave #sbig #astro #telescope #opteam

So a little bit of news... I am now part owner of the first company ever to build a commercial space telescope satellite, and this thing can be used by anyone! You can use it for deep space astrophotography, land surveys of the Earth, or even Hyperspectral images of your farmland. We have two slots secured on Space X Falcon 9 rockets in 2019 and 2020 for our first launches! Huge thanks to SpaceFab.US for making me a part of the adventure! #spaceFab #satellite #spacetelescope #nasa #astrophotography #spaceX #falcon9 #astro #space #astronomy #opt #opteam #telescope #team

The first Messier object, and a Nebula that shows up as one of the oldest astronomical phenomena ever recorded. This is the Great Crab Nebula.
I took this shot last week with a 17” @planewaveinstruments telescope and an @sbigimagingsystems 16803 camera with Astrodon filters and the whole thing on a Planewave Ascension mount. Shot from Landers California with my remote Observatory... which still needs a name by the way. Anyone got good ideas for a name. @gagliardiroderick says I should name it El Burro.
#astronomy #observatory #space #astrophoto #california #desert #deepspace

This is the first shot from my fully automated Observatory (1 of 6 @optcorp controlled!) So when the night starts, I simply click on a picture that I would like an image of and then select how many exposures I’d like on each filter. The system then takes over and moves the telescope to each target, focuses automatically multiple times per night, switches between filters for me, and starts and stops the second camera automatically for autoguiding.
This is an image of NGC891, a galaxy that is so far away, it takes light moving 186,000 miles every second, 30 million years to get to us. Oh, and yes, the Observatory got this shot while I was sleeping! My mind is blown by this hobby every day!
#snooze #galaxy #automation #observatory #space #optcorp @planewaveinstruments #cdk @sbigimagingsystems #ccd

Still one of my favorite things to shoot. Moon photography through a telescope is definitely one of the easiest and quickest ways to do astrophotography, but it is still an incredibly rewarding experience every time.
For this shot, I used my @stellarvue.telescopes.official 130 APO refractor imaging system telescope on a @brian_deis Vixen AXD mount with my @fujifilmx_us XT2 camera. The iso was set to 200. #moon #fujifilm #stellarvue #vixen #opt #astrophotography #optcorp #opteam #space

I don't often post much of my photography outside of astro shots, but here are a few of my more recent animal portraits.
#switchup #animals #photography #photooftheday #portrait #animalportrait #ig_photooftheday
#picoftheday #pictures #tiger #photographer #bestill #dontmove #new #fun #enjoy

Once we have the data from all 5 people, I will process the image and post it here on Instagram, and on Facebook with each person's tag and photo credit. I will also submit it to NASA including all 5 names for an APOD award. Let's see what we come up with! Who's in!?

I've been pretty busy lately with OPT, but I wanted to get a shot in of the Pelican Nebula while it's still in such a great spot in the sky for most the night. So here it is! 3 nights of long exposures with my @planewaveinstruments and @sbigimagingsystems equipment!

24 hour exposure of the Crescent Nebula! For this shot, I dedicated a full 8 hours of exposure to each filter to try to get all of the blue (Oxygen III) to pop. Shot with @planewaveinstruments 17" and @sbigimagingsystems 16803 camera. Astrodon filters.
This area is one of the most densely packed and colorful parts of our night sky. I will be shooting a widefield shot soon of the same region with my @stellarvue.telescopes.official 130 to show how much nebulosity is really there.

#ig_astrophotography #optcorp #space #pic #photography #photooftheday #astrophotography

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