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Benjamin Gibbard  Singer / Songwriter for Death Cab For Cutie and The Postal Service (R.I.P.) • UltraRunner • Territory Run Co. Wilder

Mount Si Dawn Patrol with @elyg and @kaytlyn_g produced zero views but Loowit didn’t seems to care. 📷: @kaytlyn_g #runnersofthewild @territoryrunco

Apparently I was on the tv last night because my parents recorded it. Still can’t believe it all wasn’t some crazy dream. #ShopTalk

10 years ago, a jazz legend was born. Link in bio #justjazzin #tbt #narrowstairs10

In 1986, my dad took me to visit The Baseball Hall of Fame. To this day that trip remains one of our favorite memories. So for his 70th birthday, I took him last week. Thanks to Joe Shestakofsky and @halloffameprez for their generous hospitality! #latergram

I wish I would have told Scott how much his songs meant to me. Or how The Midnight Organ Fight was pretty much all I listened to for months while going through an extremely dark patch in my life. Or what a wonderfully funny and engaging person I found him to be. If you do anything today to mourn Scott’s passing, please reach out to someone you love and tell them something you’ve been putting off saying. Life is too damn short and you might miss the opportunity to do so. xo Ben

This is my friend Scott Hutchison. He was last seen in a hotel in South Queensferry UK at 1am GMT Wednesday. If anyone has any information about his current whereabouts please contact the authorities immediately. His friends, band mates and family are very concerned about his well being. Thank you.

What do you do after you just slayed the the inaugural #Gibbswok100k? You rock a low b-boy pose at the finish. 📷: @gtach #miwok100k #runnersofthewild @territoryrunco

I was 45 minutes late to the start of the #miwok100k yesterday due to a road closure on Highway 1 two miles north of Stinson Beach. A friend at the start talked to someone affiliated with the race who made it sound that it would be “fine” to start late. So we hauled ass for an hour and half all the way around only to be told I had to forfeit my bib. I pleaded my case but no dice. I decided to run the entire course regardless. I’d come all the way down here and been training for months. So, instead of running the #Miwok100k, I ended up running the #Gibbswok100k; it’s the same course just started at 6am instead of 5am. I caught the sweeper 45 minutes in and slowly got myself back into the middle of the pack. I finished Gibbswok in 12:30 (coming in both first AND last place while setting a course record in the process) and Miwok (unofficial start an hour late) in roughly 13:30. 📷: @racheldemy #runnersofthewild @territoryrunco

Inspired by @michael.pollan, I decided to teach myself to bake bread. First loaves just came outta the oven and goddamn they smell good! Props to @tartinebakery for the recipe and to my Bhagwan of Bread, @corrie_strange for her guidance.

ICYMI, I played “And I Love Him” from the #universallove album on Conan (@teamcoco) last night. Link in bio!

Gotta hear both sides.

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