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Stephen Leonard  I make cartoons. I love food.

Goddamn you #Doritos for making your best chips (right) and absolute worst chips (left) nearly indistinguishable to the hungry shopper!

Another background from #BeefcakeBoys I think turned out pretty OK, continuing the #CloneHigh style

When in a city that has #WaffleHouse... #Nashville

Forgot to post a pic of my hot chicken and mac 'n cheese before I ate it, but had to post a food pic in #Nashville, so here's beer

Trying to achieve a "Clone High, but dirtier" look for the show I'm currently designing/animating.

Finishing this #storyboard and #animatic today! After that it's up to the people with #money to decide if more gets made.

Still hangin' in the Old West and I think this #animatic is lookin' good so far. Recording VO for it this week! #storyboard #animation

Try'na make some stronger #storyboard samples to submit to the Nickelodeon Artist Program.

Anyone else at this Free Food - I mean #Nickelodeon party?? Come find me!

Finally moving out of the "animation studio" where two "hit" DreamworksTV shows were produced.

It finally opened so I finally went! #TrejosDonuts

Developing a new show and designing new characters! They always start as scribbles before blossoming into Spongebobs

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