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Stephen Leonard  I make cartoons. I love food.

Trying to fit some time in today to get a few script ideas written and sketched out. Hoping to get a few Jimmy And Chomp and Hornswoggle short #animatics spit out before too long. #StoryboardPro

Brought my 1983 trademarked #ReturnoftheJedi sleeping bag back from my parents' house. Now I just need to bring the rest of 1983 back.

Homemade sushi with all the fixins

Took an hour to restock my hand-drawn business cards and goshdang I've gotten rusty with a real pencil. Damn you, #computermachines!

Been wanting to make #ratatouille like this since I saw it in one of my favorite all time movies... Fast and the Furious 3: Tokyo Drift. Discovered it's impossible to plate it like the movie though. Damn delicious yet impossible cartoon food! Also added mini rat-sized sausage meatballs.

#Cartoons and #food. Ramen>Waffle House>Krispy Kreme, apparently

All you chumps buying a new Atari Classic because you didn't take care of your old 7800 like this baby. Still works after 30+ years!

What happens when you have a long layover in Vegas... (Shake Shack and putting some money on Gator Basketball)

Football in a soccer stadium is the only way to go! #football #woo!

Apparently there's a #HollywoodChristmasParade? Who knew?

Introducing two-ingredient chocolate donut pumpkin pie! Ingredient 1: Donut. Ingredient 2: Pie. Uncredited ingredient: Fire. #ThanksgivingPrepFunTime

Perk #27 of working from home: I can get up early and take the morning off to be 7th in line for the opening of @189bydominiqueansel !! So good! Now time for some weekend makeup work... #189bydominiqueansel

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