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Matthew Borgatti  Inside of my head I have a tiny John Searle and a huge book of instructions.

Printed shopvac mount.

Stir fry. Neat.

Look at the vacuum on the tailing edge of this incense stick. I didn't even know you could observe the effect at such low speeds.

I had bananas in the freezer, hanging out, waiting to become this banana bread. You did good, boys.

Coconut rice. Curry cauliflower.

This gripper is more robust than previous iterations. I think it is durable enough for lots of use while simple enough to make duplication approachable. I think it will make for a quality open source project. #softrobotics #3dprinting #silicone

The latest iteration of our gripper, the Kestrel, is super satisfying to use. #softrobot #silicone #3dprinting

Really appreciating the laser vent cover, right now.

This is what it looks like to refresh boot polish with neatsfoot oil and alcohol over a burner. Also, I may have set just a little bit on fire and spilled it on the stove. Maybe.

It runs in the family.

Dang it, I think they work.

I made a vent cover for the laser exhaust, because it is cold around here. Nothing sucks away the heat like a laser squirting out cold air like a torn parachute.

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