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Gianna LePera  fleetwood mac enthusiast

hey remember when it was sunny for like 2 hours yesterday? (peep the grass stains all over my arms) (📸creds to the real diehl @cj_diehl)

probably thinking about my cringey emo phase

u up?

spotted on a downtown B train

Today has been a pretty great day and here’s why

Before vs. After finally finding my portrait sketching style (4 month difference). Maybe in 4 more I’ll be able to draw the other eye

Captured in October while literally sitting on the ground in Central Park. I was annoyed at the time that this random girl walked into the frame, but this ended up being my favorite shot of the day. This is the part where I would make a really cheesy metaphor about how all the best things in life are unexpected, but I think you get the idea

Will instagram ever see the left side of my face? Only time will tell

Of course I had to post a #topnine, and shockingly I’m only topless in one of these pictures (but I’m bottomless in two so I balanced it out)😂. 2018 has been the wildest year of my life, I’ve gone through so much self discovery and growth, I cannot even put it into words. This year I finally started to put my mental health first, but it took me such a long time to get there. It’s weird looking at some of these photos side by side, because my mental state in the earlier ones was drastically different than it is in the more recent ones. I’ll be honest, half of this year was really hard for me, and I was unhappy. But after coming to terms with a lot of things I was denying, I found myself again. I found my passion again! I started writing every day, making art that I was proud of, and reconnecting with the people around me. Absolutely nothing has been more worthwhile than finding that contact again. All cheesiness and recycled motivational anecdotes aside, I’m ending this year eons away from where I started, and no matter what 2019 has in store for me, I’m looking towards it with a smile❤️


Merry Christmas Eve, I’ll be wishing I could live in the warmth of this picture while I freeze in cape cod

Paul Blart Mall Cop 3: The Reckoning