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Gianluca Gibbons™  The { C R E A T O R } made me an { A R T I S T } t.s.s.t. 🎷Revolutionary 🇧🇲LA • New @htgmusic Music “Red Lips” & “Speak Life” 🎶 See Link ⬇️

What’s up Arizona! We are here in Mesa and are so excited to be performing tomorrow at The Mesa Music Festival. We are at the Roush/Guitar stage at 8:30p. Drop by and come say hi to us. We’ve only been here for a day and we’ve absolutely fallen in love with the Arizonians we’ve met. Bless UP! 🙏🏾♥️

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Bless UP, everyone! 🙏🏾♥️ @htgmusic just made it to Arizona where we will be performing @ The Mesa Music Festival this weekend! We are so excited to be amongst all these artists and creatives.
Also, tomorrow morning at 10 am PST, we will be on 88.7 The Pulse Radio Station! Our interview with be LIVE followed by an on-air performance. So please tune in if you can! Either by switching that dial to 88.7 in AZ or by visiting their website to stream it in real time. ✨

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Come see us LIVE at The Study Hollywood tonight!
We have discounted tickets available now! Just click the link in bio! Don’t forget to mark that you are coming to see HEЯITAGE 🙌🏾♥️ cc: @breakingsoundla
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See us @htgmusic LIVE at @thestudyhollywood next Wednesday evening from 8p! Ticket link in bio to purchase your discounted tickets! 🎤
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#TBT to me trying to fit in. ♢
@gleveenoctavia: “Whose mans is that?” 🤦🏾‍♀️ @royalty24kgold: “Who knows...” 🤷🏾‍♀️
#ThrowbackThursday 📸 @mandystoller

The grind doesn’t pick favorites. Someway or another you’re going to have to work for something, or pay for it down the road. Our motto is simple: Wake up and get to work! 🏃🏾‍♂️💨 Much love to my brother @wizzmer on that cuatro! Catch us @htgmusic live next week at 11/7 for our @breakingsoundla show at @thestudyhollywood 8pm! Ticket link in bio ✨

We all come into this world with a unique melody. The atmosphere we keep can alter that melody, attempt to replicate it, or join us in harmony. My time this past week in Miami was purely harmonious. It’s a miraculous experience when individuals from all walks of life can unite as one, for the sole purpose of uplifting each other and their atmosphere with harmony. Thank you ❤️ #LiveYourMelody 📷 @dais_sarcos

Had the honor to jam with some of Miami’s finest today! Thank you to @7blck @wizzmer @alejandro.zon @karelprod for allowing us to join them! @htgmusic @hannah.theoriginal 🙏🏾❤️ #HTGmusic 🎥 @hannah.theoriginal Bless up to @theowanne @legerereeds @protecstyle

“When you’re in Rome they say do as the Romans, I’m never home I’m a stone that is rolling.” - @htgmusic album lyric #HTGmusic

♢ Eyes forward, vision led. ♢ Headed to Miami with @htgmusic to join @investbermuda and perform during the Bermuda Executive Forum. Always an honor to represent my beautiful island 🇧🇲 If you’re in Miami hit me up! Will be there till Monday 😏 #HTGmusic 📷 @kaylinmaephoto

♢ A negative mind will never give you a positive life. ♢ I’ve chosen to adopt an “extreme optimist” approach to life, with a healthy understanding that not everything works out. Got to admit, my optimism has been pretty spot on lately. The negativity that used to cloud my thoughts not only hindered my progress, but jeopardized my health. I’m thankful today that God has opened my eyes to a fresh approach to life. #SuccessFitsYou

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