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Gianluca Gibbons™  The { C R E A T O R } made me an { A R T I S T } t.s.s.t. 🎷Revolutionary 🇧🇲LA ♢ Event RSVP "Bermudians In Hollywood" ♢ Monday, Feb 12 @6:30p, ⬇️⬇️


♢ Do It For The Love ♢ Everybody has a motive that drives them. We all have that underlying purpose that makes us roll out of bed, and keep going. My reason is simple, I do it for the love. Let love lead you. ❤️🌹

It's all going down on Monday! We look forward to seeing you at @specialitybda, doors open 6:15pm. Join @hannah.theoriginal and I for a night of music, film and comedy. Hosted by @nadanjabda. Much love to @royalgazette, real recognize real 🔑 See there @bermuda ! 🇧🇲 photo cred: @helloochristina

🇧🇲 You are invited to attend the event “Bermudians In Hollywood” at Speciality Cinema next Monday, February 12th from 6:30pm - 8:00pm, $15 at the door. Featuring @HannaH.TheOriginal & yours truly, hosted by @NadanjaBDA. Join us for a night of music, film & comedy! RSVP link in bio.

♢ Diamonds & Pearls ♢ The stakes are high when big money's involved, but who's cashing checks when the body is cold? So much attention on budgets and gold, just don't be the statistic whose story is told. Earn true value beyond diamonds and pearls. I'm investing my treasure in a whole other world.

♢ Drug of Choice ♢ I'm in that space again, that empty box of nothingness. For no reason it seems, triggered by this need for loneliness, my confidence in solo motives. Driven by doubt without the need to not trust, so why the fuss? I was so used to relying on me. "We" has always felt too risky. You see "we" has always ended with me, watching the other fly free. So why rely on their inhale to breathe, if all I need is my lungs to be me? No man is an island, but what if you excel in silence? Man was not made to be alone, but what if your mind is what feels most like home? I reject these thoughts in my empty space, for loneliness comes with a sweet smell, yet a bitter taste. It whispers alluring words, but hides it's face. It demands my time, but ignores the needs. It encourages my ego, and feeds my greed. It compliments my efforts, but has no advice. Loneliness is a drug, that never leaves me high. I'm the recovering addict of a self-destructive mindset. I am learning to embrace the beauty in "we". How can love exist if I only rely on me? How blind can I be, to actually believe I'm better off without "we"? I reject this desire to be lonely, with lies it tries to console me. Comfort for the weak, is the prey loneliness seeks, it'll creep into your doubt with false seductive speech. I pray that God will keep me within reach, so I'll never relapse my rejection of "we".

♢ New Growth ♢ Haters will say it was the afro that made me, but um been de guy since de fro had a fade G. 😂 #YaDunKnow 👑

Came back to his roots for a clearer vision. Walked familiar routes with a different mission. The stare is not the same, you can see it in his eyes. Gazing into space I can barely see the sky. #vision

♢ Seek to transmit love, positivity, to educate, set a vibe, and unite the people with our art. ♢
Join me 🇧🇲tonight along with @hannah.theoriginal every Wednesday night this month and next for great music and positive vibes 🔑

Location: Rumbar/Victoria Grill
Time: 5pm - 9pm
Host: @denzil_nelson
@winedownwednesday_bda Dj: @tracklife_27

@theowanne @protecstyle @legerereeds @connselmerinc @selmersaxophones

So many words. So many voices. Everyone wants to be seen. We all need to be heard. But what are we really saying? Is attention a substantial purpose? If what we stand for is generic, does that even count as standing? And if it's all subjective, than who even really knows? #BeIntentional #BeProgressive #SuccessFitsYou

Bless up to my boy 26. We started with a job, we quit, we became full-time entrepreneurs, we became full-time artists, we released a single, we just about finished a book, we booked a movie role, and then ya boy introduced me to 27. All this said, 26 ya de guy 🙏🏾 #GodIsGood #Birthday #NoPressure27 #SuccessFitsYou

So proud and excited for my Dad, Dr. Sydney C. Gibbons and Mom @browneyecat! What a great @royalgazette article Daddy, covering your 40 years of ministry, and your new journey of going full-time as an author and entrepreneur! 2018 is about to be amazing 🙏🏾 #GodIsGood #GibbonsDynasty

This has been one of the most dynamic years of my life. I've seen many things come and go. I've heard many realities, and have seen them pan out totally different. I've learned to embrace some things, and totally let go of others. But most of all I learned to find joy in releasing control while trusting God, and how to truly love others outside of my own interests. This is not a "new year new me" situation. I'm just better qualified for 2018 than I was a year ago. Whether you choose to spectate, or participate, the next 12 months are going to blow your mind. Happy New Year! #SuccessFitsYou

Happy Holidays to all you lovely people from the beautiful island of Bermuda 🇧🇲 ✨🎄It's a great time to be alive, it's a great time to love, it's a great time to be with family, and most of all, it's a great time to reflect on all that God has done for us this year. Merry Christmas ❤️

Folks like talking about where they want to be, and what that destination could look like. I'm over here like, "But how you finna get there?" 😏 #VisionBoardInAction #SuccessFitsYou

She asked me, "What does it take?" -- I turned away and responded, "Everything." There was a pause -- annoyed she questioned, "Really, everything?" I smiled as I turned my gaze towards her, then suggested she download "Shades of Me" 😏 #TheMusicWillTellThem >>Link in bio<< #ShadesOfMe

♢Next Chapter♢ Your dreams are as tangible as the time you dedicate to them. Join the 🎷revolution, see "Shades of Me" purchase link in bio 🙏🏾 #ShadesOfMe #Revolutionary 📷 @helloochristina 🎨 @lastroe

♢Poetry and Motion♢ My island has my back. 🇧🇲 I’ve been away from home for a long time, but distance has not changed the support I receive from my beautiful island of Bermuda. Thank you @royalgazette for this amazing article, and all those who consistently send their love and support. I look forward to being home for the holidays 🙏🏾 >> See full article link in bio << #ShadesOfMe
🎥 @jon.hwang + @thatkitkatbar 📷 @ianwalker92 @helloochristina 🎹 @mentalkryptonite 🎧 Christopher James 🎨 @lastroe 
@crystalmchavez💃🏻@kevawalker 👥 @the_topman @toribel_ @summer.nicole23 @krstco @ronronsss 🎷 @legerereeds @connselmerinc @theowanne @protecstyle

♢”Shades of Me” Out Now♢ The saxophone revolution has begun. The sonic shift in sound has started its ripple effect across the worlds' frequencies. Experience it for yourself >> See link in bio << #HeadphonesMatter
🎥 @jon.hwang + @thatkitkatbar 📷 @ianwalker92 @helloochristina 🎹 @mentalkryptonite 🎧 Christopher James 🎨 @lastroe 
@crystalmchavez💃🏻@kevawalker 👥 @the_topman @toribel_ @summer.nicole23 @krstco @ronronsss 🎷 @legerereeds @connselmerinc @theowanne @protecstyle #ShadesOfMe

♢Single Dropping Tomorrow♢ The time has come, the sleepless nights have given birth to this * VERY RARE * breed of sound. "Shades of Me" is the first step towards a new era of saxophone. Pre-order now and let’s make history together. See link in bio. 🎨 @lastroe 📷 @helloochristina

♢Shades of Me♢ "Embraced by silence, the clarity of my thoughts is enhanced.” Pre-order now and let’s make history together. Link in bio.
🎥 @jon.hwang + @thatkitkatbar 📷 @ianwalker92 🎹 @mentalkryptonite 🎧 Christopher James 🎨 @crystalmchavez💃🏻@kevawalker 🎷 @legerereeds @connselmerinc @theowanne@protecstyle #ShadesOfMe

♢Pre-order and tell a friend♢ My single is now available on @amazon! Pre-order now and let’s make history together. See link in bio. I have waited a long time to begin releasing my music, and I am so grateful to be able to share this with you. A new chapter has begun. 🎨 @lastroe 📷 @helloochristina #ShadesOfMe

♢Single Coming this Friday♢ The “Shades of Me" music video tells my story as an artist traveling through time. The contrasting elements that have crafted my art all come together to create this musical portal into the depths of who I’ve become. 🎥 @jon.hwang + @thatkitkatbar 📷 @ianwalker92 🎹 @mentalkryptonite 🎧 Christopher James 🎨 @crystalmchavez 💃🏻 @kevawalker 🎷 @legerereeds @connselmerinc @theowanne @protecstyle #ShadesOfMe

♢Saxophone Single Coming Soon♢ So thankful to announce that I'm releasing my debut Saxphone single, "Shades of Me", next Friday, Dec. 1st. So many great people came together to help me make this possible 🙏🏾 Much love to @lastroe 🎨 for painting me, and @helloochristina 📷 for capturing this cover art. #ShadesOfMe

Nobody's aunt is safe... not even yours. 😏🌹 #YourFavoriteStepUncle

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