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GIAC  #GIACtuned Software tuning solutions for: Volkswagen | Audi | BMW | Bentley | Porsche | Seat | Skoda | Follow our FB for updates! Linked below.

GIAC is proud to release engine performance software for the 981.2 718 Boxster S and Cayman S.
GIAC performance programming adds substantial power to the 981.2 718 Boxter ยฎ S and Cayman ยฎ S, increasing the engine estimated crank power output to 405 - 415 horsepower and 415 - 425 ft/lbs of torque on 93 octane. Peak to peak gains were 45 HP and 44 Ft-Lbs, however average gains were 60 Ft-Lbs between 3600 to 5100 RPM and 50 HP between 4000 to 6300 RPM. In addition to the added power, the program also offers smooth part throttle driving and gear transitions.
Software features included:
- Increased boost
- Changes to fuel and timing
- Higher torque limits

Special thanks to Champion Motorsports for their help in the development process. Performance gains displayed in the plots shown were calculated from raw wheel power data of OEM and GIAC programming tests on Champion Motorsports Dynojet Dyno. A factor of 1.1 to account for parasitic losses was used to create the Engine estimated curves. No additional upgrades were used during testing, although larger power increases may be observed with additional performance hardware and/or higher octane fuel.
MSRP for this software is $1,800 USD and is flashed via ECU send-in only. For more information, contact your local GIAC dealer or us at

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Monday's never looked so good. ๐Ÿ˜๐ŸŽ๐Ÿ’จ
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Check out this video Mark over at @eastcoasteuropean did showing how easy and quick it is to flash an #Audi #S5 using the Flashloader Mobile device including the necessary steps to take before flashing.
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A current #GIAC customer taking advantage of our spring sale and adding DSG software to their #MK7 #GTI.
Don't forget about our spring sale going on now until April 30th! Take 10% off on all software for VW/Audi vehicles only. Sale excludes flash devices, fuel pump kits, transfers and other platforms not listed.
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Don't let a cloudy day keep you from adventure.
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Talk about an amazing accomplishment! @super_golf26 , a GIAC MK7 GTI customer, dominated the stock is20 world record at 11.697 seconds and 116.29 mph. Alex is running the GIAC stage 2 mega boost file and GIAC stage 3 DSG software.
The full list of upgrades done to his vehicle are:
Stock OEM is20
Stage 2 Giac Mega Boost in Race Mode
Stage 3+ 4500LC DSG Tune
Sunoco 260GT Plus Fuel w/ 2 Gallons E85R
(5 gallons to 2)
Full Boltons
No water meth
24.5x8.5x15 Racemasters Slicks

Alex had the capability to efficiently flash his ECU, switch between pump and race modes, and data log his runs the whole day using his Flashloader Mobile device at the race track
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Don't forget to take advantage of our current spring sale going on now until April 30th! Take 10% off on VW and Audi GIAC software only. Contact your local GIAC authorized dealer today! *Excludes fuel pump kits, hand held switchers, flashloader mobile devices & other platforms.
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One of our local GIAC customers in Arizona was able to achieve a 11.817 @114.81 running our stage 2 plus mega boost file on a stock is20 turbocharger.
Way to go @super_golf26!
Currently running GIAC is20 mega boost file in race mode, stage 3 GIAC DSG, full bolt on's, gutted interior, no water meth, DA 1880'ft. Gas used was Sunoco 260GT plus with a gallon and a half of E85R.
#giac #giactuned #vw #volkswagen #mk7gti #mk7 #gti #performance #megaboost

Easy as 1,2,3 with the Flashloader Mobile device on this MK7R running our stage 2 software on FLM.
Don't forget to take advantage of this years spring sale going on now till April 30th 2018!
Take 10% off on software only on all VW and Audi platforms.
Contact your local GIAC authorized dealer today!
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Take 10% off any Audi or Volkswagen engine software until April 30th! This promotion can be applied to Flashloader Mobile software as well. *This offer is only valid for Audi and Volkswagen ECU and TCU upgrades, offer not valid on software upgrades for other makes, fuel pump kits, handheld switchers, Flashloader Mobile devices or labor and transfer fees. Sale available for North American market.

Contact your local GIAC authorized dealer for more information.
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GIAC launches a new FLM user group!

The GIAC Flashloader Mobile User Group is a place for members to share files, post time slips and communicate with other Flashloader Mobile users. Sharing logs and results with one another onto the user group page can help members to better understand the performance of each vehicle and it's supporting modifications. GIAC will post any and all updates pertaining to the Flashloader Mobile including updates to files that are supported with the Flashloader Mobile. The group can be accessed by FLM customers and GIAC dealers from GIAC's Facebook page
The GIAC Flashloader Mobile (FLM) Device is a tool that allows enthusiasts to load or remove GIAC performance programs on to their vehicle. The FLM is pocket-sized, durable and does not require a laptop or PC during the flash. Files and commands are stored on a USB memory stick that can be customized by the end user, to convert the device from flashing tool, to logger, to performance mode switcher, to code clearer or to some combination of each.

Current FLM users can easily upgrade their GIAC software on their FLM device by phone and email. Once an update arrives by email it can be saved onto the device's USB drive, it's that easy! For any general questions or concerns about GIAC software or the Flashloader Mobile device, send us a message or email or give us a call at 949-470-1080 GIAC thanks you for your continued support.
For information about GIAC software:
17 Musick,
Irvine, CA 92618
Phone: 949-470-1080
Fax: 949-470-1070
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