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My coworker bought this for her 5yo granddaughter. It is so bootleg I love it. It doesn't have a mario, nor crash game included. It's just amazing.

My brilliant sister @janie1020 and I. Can't even begin to say how proud I am of this woman. She's pretty flawless and it's amazing seeing how far she's come. I don't post selfies or pictures of people all that often, usually because I end up looking like a sheet white ghost, as you can tell. However Jane looks so gorgeous here I'll make an exception. Love you, sister.

So I picked up some comics today. Black Panther vol 1, ODY-C vol 2, and Paper Girls vol 2. Sooooooo stoked to read these. Especially Coates's Black Panther.

The world sucks so here's my own happiness to share. It might not seem like it at first, but why would my journal entries start off happy? Strap in for a long one.
So as I'm sure many, if not most, of you know, I get migraines pretty frequently. Daily, sometimes more than one a day. They're awful, and a lot of the time leave me non-functional for hours. Often I can only hide in a quiet room until the migraine goes away. Painkillers don't really help.
Well at least, that was a few years ago. This has been going on since around 2011 and I've been seeing all sorts of doctors and specialists and trying whatever home remedies and really anything I can. The doctors all told me there was no reason for me to be getting them. No tumors or anything. I've been on a changing list of prescription meds the whole time just to get a handle on the whole situation and now, finally, in the past 6-12 months I feel like I've really hit the sweet spot.
Not only have I found the perfect mix of meds, but I've discovered a sort of anti-migraine diet. No cheese, no nuts, no chocolate, no caffeine, no avocado, no to a lot more. It's pretty restrictive, but I've been adapting to it incredibly well. And holy shit, everyone I know been helping too. Those cookies up there above this wall of text are pink and white cookies @samndrsn got me because both sides are vanilla. No chocolate. Shit, @mathraptor knows my list of banned foods better than I do.
So with the combined diet and meds I don't have hours of migraines anymore. Or even daily migraines. Now it's maybe three or four a week, and they last for 15 minutes to an hour. Sometimes I can just fight through them and not even stop what I'm doing. I can't remember the last time I took a painkiller.
I really just want to say thanks. There's a lot of you who really go out of your way to really help me with my chronic health issues and it really means a lot to me. It's gotten a lot better recently but there are times in the past few years when I just miss events or show up at someones' house only to go catatonic for a few hours. That's not fun for anyone. So thanks for putting up with me. You're all amazing.

Last night I had the privilege of witnessing Seu Jorge perform a set of David Bowie songs from his Life Aquatic sessions with @samndrsn @danastardust and @gothscum . It was absolutely incredible.
When I first got into the Life Aquatic I didn't really have any attachment to Bowie. I loved the soundtrack, but the songs didn't have any deeper meaning like they do for everyone else. Now, with his passing this year I've delved into his catalog and past and really fallen in love with everything he did. Better late than never, right? So when Seu Jorge announced this tour I jumped on it. But interestingly I haven't watched the movie this is all from in a year or two so the show last night was way more significant for Bowie than one of my favorite movies. It was all very surreal... in a good way. Nostalgic but also new? I'm having a hard time putting it into words as you can see by this wall of text.
Tl;dr I had a great time and Seu Jorge's voice has only gotten better with age. (Photo regrammed from @gothscum because I didn't take any pictures)

Got this in the mail yesterday. I think this might be my favorite record that I own. Having a hard time coming up with another answer. #circletakesthesquare #astherootsundo

It's much harder to watch a movie when you have to shine a flashlight through every individual frame. But oh man, look at that picture quality. Nothing quite like it.

I only read the best comics. Thanks @mathraptor42

Another year is going by and I'm missing another #NYCC . Ah well, hopefully next year I'll plan better. Had to get some sort of comics fix in, though. I went to the shop and picked up a few trades. I had all the single issues for the third volume of wicdiv but stopped buying them at the conclusion of that arc. Needed the trade to complete my shelf along with volume 4. The new Saga and Trees volumes rounds out comics for the day. So far I've only read the Wicdiv volumes and woooooow what a book. Can't wait to catch up on these others.

So I spaced for about a week on posting stuff from the Pixar exhibit. I think this will be my last post about it mainly because you all should all just get out and go see it for yourselves. I don't want to spoil any more of the visuals than I already have.
If you've been following me for any amount of time, you've probably seen me post something Wall-E related. It's my favorite movie. Usually I differentiate between animated and live action movies when it comes to favorites, but Wall-E has definitely taken the top spot overall. I could seriously sit here all day and list the virtues of this movie but let me summarize it the best I can. Wall-E is an absolutely gorgeous movie in which the main two characters are mostly mute and deliver their entire performances through visuals. Pixar manages to tell one of my favorite stories ever without the use of vocal language and gets you (or at least, me) invested in the love between two robots better than most other movies could ever hope to achieve between humans. Thats not to say the soundtrack isnt wonderful, it certainly is. On top of that this movie covers topics like the environment, human survival in the future, rampant technology, walmart, laziness, and more, all within the boundaries of a children's movie. I really can't recommend #Wall-E highly enough if you haven't seen it.
OK rant over. Now I have to figure out what else to post about.

Here's a self-portrait that Pixar somehow got a hold of and managed to hang up in their exhibit. I was kinda annoyed until I realized I was featured in a Pixar exhibit. That's kinda cool I guess. It was a nice birthday surprise.

At the exhibit there were a lot of these sorts of things which I found incredibly cool. I'd never seen physical prints or sculpts of 3d concepts like this before and it was cool to see creative building blocks like this represented in the real world so people could see the differences between a working model and a finished product. Simple stuff but so interesting to see as an object.

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