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#GHSstrings #bassist, @KilianDuarteBass, needs #bassguitar strings that can cut through the mix in his various musical projects.

#KilianDuarte plays GHS #BassProgressives for this very reason. Currently on tour with his diverse and musically progressive band, @ScaletheSummit, Kilian uses these strings for their dynamic range and tonal clarity.

Learn more about #GHSBassProgressives:

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The iconic #RobbieShakespeare is not only a member of the #ManaBasso family of #bassists, he plays #GHSstrings!

The Grammy Award-winning #bassist and #producer needs no introduction; his resume includes #BobMarley, #BobDylan, #TheRollingStones, #GraceJones, and many others. Robbie plays our M3050 Bass #PrecisionFlats strings on his Mana Basso #bassguitars because he plays with the best - he plays GHS.
Click on the link to learn why our #GHSPrecisionFlats are referred to as "The Sound of Chocolate."
(Photo: Jan Salzman)
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We are very pleased to welcome @YonitSpiegelman into the #GHSartist Family!
Spiegelman is an active bandleader, producer and composer in the New York area. Currently working on her debut album, she can also be seen with Foreign Hues, Layla Cante, Eva Gertz and Banot.

Click on the following link to learn more about this talented young artist!

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Only #GHSNitroPacks offer the ultimate line of string protection by sealing individual strings in nitrogen - not oxygen - to guarantee a fresh, long-lasting set of strings. This longevity is ensured by preventing the harmful effects of corrosion and oxidation, and that's what the #GHSstrings "Anti-Corrosion Guarantee" is all about. Take home the complete package with GHS Nitro-Packs.

Play with the best - play GHS.
Visit for more information.

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#GHSartist @MurielGuitar is our newest feature in #GHSstrings news!
The talented #classicalguitarist recently released her "Wonderlust" project, a multi-media live experience with artist, Bryan Allen.
Available now as the "Wonderlust" DVD, it includes on-the-road moments, performances, and more. Click on the link below for more info on this not-to-miss experience!
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GHS Strings #guitarist, Jeff Smith, is featured today in #GHSArtistQuotes!

#JeffSmith performs alongside #countrymusic artist, @PhilVassar. Jeff is a loyal supporter of #GHSstrings, having used them for over 30 years! He plays our #GHSBoomers #electricguitar strings because they provide all the punch, clarity and sustain he could ever want.

Jeff plays with the best - he plays GHS. Click on the link for more info on #GHSGuitarBoomers:

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#GHSartist @WhiteMysteryBand is featured on the #frontpage of the @ChicagoTribune Arts & Entertainmet section!
Congrats from #GHSstrings!

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When #GHSartist @FrancescoFareri plays his #7string #electricguitar, he chooses to #shred with our GB7L #7StringGuitar Boomers!

Click on the link below to discover the perfect #GHSBoomers set for your guitar, no matter your string count:

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#GHSartist @FrancescoFareri demonstrates how to perform #stringskipping #arpeggios with #alternatepicking and #legato playing in his newest #guitarlesson with #YoungGuitar:

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#GHSartist @Weapons_of_Anew will tour North America this September and October in support of their upcoming #newalbum! "The Collision of Love and Hate" will see a release date of September 15th, via @OKGoodRecords. Click on the link below for more info:
📷 @ScottBraunPhotography

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@BigCountryOfficial #bassist and longtime #GHSstrings user, @ScottWhitleyBass, is featured today in #GHSArtistQuotes!

Scott is the foremost authority on short scale #bassguitars at #ShortScaleBassUK, and also the expert behind the recent revamp of our #shortscalebass strings here at GHS. Although busy much of the time touring with Scottish #rockband, #BigCountry, he continues to work as a #sessionplayer, #basstutor, and producer of free online bass-related content.

Scott plays GHS #SuperSteels #bassguitar strings. Click on the link below to learn more about #ScottWhitley:

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We are happy to welcome #ClevelandOH #heavymetal band, #WRETCH, into the #GHSArtist Family!

Click on the link below to learn more about their #undergroundmetal roots and "rise to power" in music...

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