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Greg Howell  I build tattoos at Jack Brown's Tattoo Revival in Fredericksburg, VA.

Sorry for the gnarly photo... Made it home this afternoon from my surgery for the removal of an acoustic neuroma at UVA on Tuesday. Turns out that it had grown since the MRI I had in October & I was on the table for 12 hrs getting it out. Everyone at UVA was awesome & I seem to be recovering pretty quickly. Apparently my left ear had already been compensating pretty hard for the weakness due to the tumor on the other side. Seriously. If you've been feeling shitty for a while & Drs aren't listening to you... see more Drs until one does. Looking forward to making art again & getting back to tattooing in 6 weeks.

Sorry for the lack of tattoo photos recently... I did this tattoo a little over a week ago after I had to reschedule my clients due to a changed surgery date in February. I did this fun tattoo on @jnew2 who not only knew what my surgery was for but has experience working with people who have gone through it. In October I was diagnosed with an acoustic neuroma (a type of benign brain tumor) & I'm scheduled to have it removed this Wednesday, which will have me out of the shop for 6 wks. It also is highly likely to leave me deaf in my right ear (hence all the record posts). Hopefully I'll be posting paintings & stuff when I'm home... Go listen to your favorite records. #flowertattoo #peony #dahlia #lineworktattoo #fredericksburg #virginia

Getting some more listening in...

Getting some listening done tonight.

Finished this fun coverup tonight. Thanks as always Emily! #swallow #compass #coverup #fredericksburg #virginia

It was pretty difficult to get a good photo of this fun gypsy from yesterday. Thanks Alycia! #girlhead #gypsy #birthflower #fredericksburg #virginia

Started this sketchy wolf with some roses last week. Thanks again @getsiggywithit Looking forward to finishing it! #wolf #ribtattoo #wip #fredericksburg #virginia

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