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Jaime  👀

A lot has changed since this time last year, but thankfully some things haven't. Same group of weirdos, same mountain, same snowy #bouldering. #wyomingbouldering #ontuesdayswewearhiangles

Working on the ⭐️⭐️⭐️ @davinbagdonas line "New Slang". Wonderful to be back #bouldering with @joshuascottoxner #wyomingbouldering

Update: GriGri found! THANK YOU to the beautiful soul(s) who found it and turned it in, and THANK YOUx1000 to @wildirismtn and the lovely/wonderful/kind Kiki who is getting it back to me..........Anyone at #wildiris find a grey GriGri 2 with a DMM phantom locking carabiner in the last month? ...Bueller? #damnyoubrain

This dewdrop world
Is but a dewdrop world
And yet—and yet (Issa) ❤️ #mejusthappyrobot

Thank you to the petty tyrants, the patriarchy, the scared but too afraid to admit it men who have called me timid, too sensitive, too emotional, who think I am weak, who think stopping me on the street to tell me something about my looks is an acceptable way to interact, who puff out their chests and hover over me, who comment on my body weight, who touch me without asking, who can't bring themselves to treat me as an equal but certainly can treat me like a child or an object. You have given me the opportunity to realize over all these years that I am strong, that being soft is having power, that what you view as timid is actually a deep and quiet courage, not the lack thereof. #vedauwoo #bouldering #isitboulderingseasonyet #ilikemedoyoulikeyou

Martha broke in to new grades, Hunter took down two projects, and @joshuascottoxner and I had a double send of "Give My Love to Rose". Not a bad weekend 😊#wildiris #wyomingclimbing

@joshuascottoxner cruising at North Country #wyomingclimbing

Happy to have clipped the chains on the boulderer's paradise that is @tinkermellow's Drinking Dry Clouds. #wildiris #boulderingonarope #wyomingclimbing thanks for the catch and beta @joshuascottoxner

"You would not cry if you knew that by looking deeply into the rain you would still see the cloud." -Thich Nhat Hanh
One of my favorite photos in one of my favorite places, almost exactly one year ago. Two of my very favorite souls, always. We love you sweet girl. #mejusthappyrobot

After a rough couple of days it felt good to fight my way up "Coyote Vacuum", marking my 85th Iris send. We kind of like this place. #wildiris #wyomingclimbing @joshuascottoxner

Figured out my beta for "Coyote Vacuum" and then got distracted by all the other cool climbs in Iris! 🙃wildiris #wyomingclimbing

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