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Jaime  🕳

Heading in to the weekend feeling supported, loved, grateful, optimistic, and ready to fall on a rope! #vedauwoo #bouldering #sourceboulderinggym @joshuascottoxner 💕

I 🖤 #bouldering. Today Martha straight walked Rust, I put down Heart of Stone, and Harold & Cricket were cute as hell the whole time 😍. 📷by Hunter!

🐀 We’ve been living in a tube for 3 years. It’s still awesome. #airstreamlife @joshuascottoxner

😊 Happy to finally take it to the top (even if it did take me ~5 minutes to mantle 😅) on @vansickle83’s “Scrape” #wyomingbouldering #vedauwoo #sourceboulderinggym & thanks to my @joshuascottoxner


“The only recourse I had was to try to stay in the awareness of impermanence, where you love things precisely *because* they are fleeting. I was slowly learning that love did not mean holding on, which I had always thought, but rather letting go.” - Ken Wilber, Grace & Grit /// it’s hard to take a photo that does this artwork any justice, & I can’t thank @wreckingtree enough for sharing a part of herself with me, for helping me heal. This is based on one of my favorite photos of Madison, my little Jedi master, my Saint Moggen, the being who showed me what unconditional love truly looks and feels like. #mejusthappyrobot #rollingtattoo #pugtattoo #lupinetattoo

Got some raw paw from #vedauwoo. Pretty great day with pretty great people, & I finally climbed Little America 😊🎈#wyomingbouldering #sourceboulderinggym 📷by Hunter

Enjoying life with these two @joshuascottoxner ❤️😊


Wilford mantels prepared me well for the top out on Baldwin Bash! Temps kinda felt like Wyoming too 😊Wonderful, if not extremely quick trip to Joes with my ❤️bff @joshuascottoxner #joesvalley #bouldering

☺️☺️☺️ #joesvalleybouldering

I train for climbing in order to grow my abilities, to get better, to get smarter. I feel at least a slight perpetual soreness, a feeling of being tired because of my training. Physically, & sometimes mentally, it hurts. It’s natural that in order to achieve growth, you’ll have to experience some pain. Many pains. This past year I’ve had to reroute, to focus on training mentally, emotionally. The year has been about learning to be still. Allowing the grief to be there, allowing myself to experience it, moving toward it rather than away from it. I’ve found healing, at times, is a dormant state. A long pause. & I’ve learned that just like training for climbing, rest is crucial. It’s the recovery. I’ve felt sore. It has been painful. & like training for climbing, riding that wave isn’t easy. But then again, isn’t that the point? Now, one year later, when I was certain I’d still be on the floor trying to pick myself up, I feel the complete opposite. I feel joyful, grateful, raw in a way that is beautiful & honest. & my energy is coming back, so I started training for climbing again☺️. This photo is old, but my Madison was there somewhere...& I suppose that hasn’t actually changed😊. #mejusthappyrobot #wyomingbouldering #feelingfeelings #couldnothavedoneitwithoutmyoshua

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