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haley👾  memes as a form of radical self-acceptance from my sweaty hands to ur instagram feed, with love 🥀

ur MCM read 1984 once in sophomore year english and hasn’t been able to stop using “orwellian” as an interchangeable term for distaste since!!! the orwellian irony! u could say it’s,,,,.... INCONCEIVABLE

good afternoon, I’m wailing. comment what u would say to your dog(s) (I would say “or cat” but I’m pretty sure none of ur cats give a shit about what u have to say in all honesty, no offense)
I would say: i literally love u guys more than I love myself, thank u so much for all the comfort and love u give me, I’m so sorry I moved and left u but I would take u everywhere with me if I could (and if boca didn’t have severe anxiety and throw up in the car) (like mother like son) (and if kona wasn’t a complete nightmare just all the time)

I hate giving trolls attention but I also don’t give a fuck and don’t think these inbreds realize that I am 100% in an escalating manic state and if they turned on their locations I would kill their entire family. Xoxo gosip gorl

idk who to thank for this ancient format (edit: @snakelively is the snek queen we thank) but I’m finally making a part 2 at 4am like 9 months later

Ya the new selfie overlay trend is cool so thought I’d contribute 😘


customer service won’t know what hit em when I can’t remember my login information

idk bout u but i have to condense random combinations of events into metaphors to fill the plot holes in my life that keep popping up when I remember my life doesn’t have a plot


quid pro quo nice guy: I tell you something I don’t like about you and you become my resident psychoanalyst and tell me about all my latent issues that are causing me to dislike you

I would call this “obelisk” or “I don’t like my twenties it’s uncomfortable and I’m deeply conflicted about who I am as a person so everything I create feels disingenuous and embarrassing but I’m trying”

[emphatically] I...... (via @obesepopcorn and @criss_angel_fan_2001)

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