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It's been a while IG Fam. Aliyah and I eating snow. #blizzard2017 #snow #family

Excited for #art !

Cambridge MIT. Lots of good #architeture on this campus.

Sienna making her Instagram debut. She's such a #happy #baby. Also, check out that #hair.

#blacknwhite photo of Aliyah with some dope #clouds and a #emptyspace .

Aliyah. My ❤️! #daughter #fun

Saying you mean the world to me is cliche and doesn't begin to capture my true feelings. #blacklivesmatter

Ahhhh Summer Beach Life ~ all worry recedes!☀️

Who says clothing can't be political and fashionable. #bewareoffalseprophets

Sit with yourself and learn about you. I've spent a good part of my life really trying to understand...ME. I'm happy with who I am and the life I'm living. There were times when I wasn't but I thought about what I was unhappy about and I changed direction or cut someone out of my life. Shit, I traveled the world to better understand myself and get away from a fast life full of dead ends. Today I am very different and the road I'm taken is my own. Last year I started @falseprophetclothing because I dreamed of owning my own #streetwear brand but never took the risk. So glad I did because the creative energy and places I have to go to make this a success tell me more about who I am and what I stand for. This post is for me and the beautiful struggle I have experienced. #loveyourself

Here's what my Clothing Brand is all about!


False Prophet is more than a clothing line, it’s a movement focused on delivering the truth through art. The control of industry by the wealthy elite has flooded our vision with aspirational marketing, focused on idolizing the lives of the rich and careless. The American Dream is no longer about building a happy, healthy life that can be shared with our fellow human beings; instead, it’s now boom or bust, either the 1% or poverty.

Acting as a societal sounding board, our designs challenge perception and the false iconography of the world order. Manifest Destiny, reality TV, and “the news” are fake; poverty, inequality, and the power of the will are real. Through symbolism and collaboration with artists who push beyond the expected to give us hope, False Prophet is here to represent truth amidst an industry of false charm and dulled vision. We are the next generation. Down with the false idols.

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