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Hey hi guys! 🍄
Happy to show you some stickers in the making! I hope to release two kinds of sticker sheets either at the beginning of August or late September 🙈🧡

Hey hi hello, there guys!
I just listed these original illustrated fungi friends in my @etsy shop! Thank you so much for the sweet words and wishes for my birthday! I feel so extremely grateful, and am off to go have some cake today 🎉 🍰 27 summers and counting 🧡🙈

Yesterday I got a @wacom Cintiq and this was my first take with it 🙈🎉🧡
Ive been saving for over half a year and it was finally on sale, close to my birthday to 👢! I am so extremely grateful for everyone who took the time to favorite my work, write all the sweet words and support me through my Etsy! I could not have done it without you guys 😭😭😭
#drawing #illustration #cintiq

Nothing like a good yellow background and some mushrooms to brighten up my day! This deer boi is available in my Etsy! Often times a lot of my thread works dont reach you guys here because people already request them while I’m still making them! So if you see something you like don’t hesitate to mention it so I can notify you when its listed 🙈🧡

Hey hi hello there! 👋
Took a week to finish up some projects and spend some me time! Im also a journal person now! Its been so amazing to write down some thoughts to myself, go 🍌 with washi tape and have a friend who would “listen” to me for hours! Whats your week looking like?

Hey hi happy Monday!
Finally getting back to drawing for myself after a ton of deadlines! Started out with practicing some different mushrooms types from what I always draw 🍄
Hows your week looking? ☺️🧡

This cutie found a new home so fast I couldn’t even show it off first here as a post! But no fret, more hoops arrived and more animal friends are on the way 🧡🧡🧡

Have a sketchbook drawing! I haven’t had the time to start working on new personal illustrations so I thought I’d share something a bit old! Also, hey hi hello 👋 to all you new friends! Happy to have you on board 🙈🧡

One of the cutest families I had the honor of drawing 🙈🧡🧡🧡 Thank you so much @honestlybecca for the support 🌻

Hey guys! With so much happiness I want to share with you my entry for @nabiartistcollective with this month’s theme - Metamorphosis
The show will run from the 1st to the 30th of June. The pieces will also be up for auction from the 4th, via the facebook page with the same name!
My idea came from looking back at your past self searching for answers and learning how to grow up, represented in a bit of a silly moth child, bumping into a window in search for the light 🧡 #nabiartistcollective

A doge doodle from my sketchbook... sorta reminds me of an intermission if the legs were animated 🙈 maybe I am intermission-ing you guys for something tomorrow 🤔

Last day of May 😭🧡 Favorite month by far and with so many faves this time around!
1. I got into jump rope and have been so consistent and happy in doing so!
2. Purchased some big tropical low maintenance plants on a bargain!
3. Wore the heck outta this navy summer dress!
4. Embroidered so many hoops and sparked a huge love for thread!
5. Stocked my etsy shop and I was touched by all of your sweet words and support! THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS 🧡🧡🧡
What did you love about may?

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