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Gemma-Holly Williams  Queer, 27 🌱 radical softness as a weapon 🌈

The most perfect Midsummer union 🌻💜 Yesterday, we put flowers in our hair, exchanged some metal and signed a piece of paper...and with that, we're finally Mx and Mx Cookston-Williams!! With tears streaming down our faces, we said our vows. Surrounded by baby deer, water and mountains (and not much else), this was our very own slice of paradise. An abundance of blessings 🌄✨

Forget "Make America Great Again", how about making them human? ☮️ Last year, the United States of America lost 1,475 children. They LOST 1,475 CHILDREN.

The federal government, the United States of America, released eight of these children to human traffickers.

Let that sink in a minute.

In 2017, the United States government lost 1,475 children, and released eight children to human traffickers.

Since October 2017, ICE has separated approximately 658 babies and children from their parents. More than 100 of these children are under the age of 4.

These babies and children are RIPPED from their hysterical parents arms, and placed in detention centres. In cages.

WE are complicit in this. Please share this information with family and friends. There is no such thing as other people's children 💔

Here's how to help:
- Together Rising /
Every tax-deductive donation received will go towards providing bilingual legal and advocacy assistance for 60 children (aged 12 months to 10 years) who are currently separated from their parents in an Arizona detention centre. Their first priority will be to establish and maintain contact between children and their parents, with the ultimate goal of reunification and safety and rehabilitation for the children
- The Florence Project and Refugee Rights Project /
This organisation provides legal assistance and social services to detained immigrants in Arizona
- The Young Centre for Immigrant Children’s Rights /
This organisation works for the rights of children in immigration proceedings
- Kids In Need Of Defense (KIND) /
This organisation works to ensure that no child appears in immigration court alone without representation
- Asylum Seeker Advocacy Project /
They work to prevent the deportation of asylum-seeking families fleeing violence

CW: suicide, mental illness
My heart has been so heavy the past few days, as it often is when the deaths of others are splashed across social media sites. For clarity, I had never even heard of Anthony Bourdain, prior to his death, and while I knew of Kate Spade's work, I could not have told you any more than her name.
Today, I am heartbroken at the media's portrayal of mental health. Today, I am here to tell you that they deserve better. That the survivors of suicide deserve better. I am a suicide survivor. I deserve better.
You may be surprised to hear that there are guidelines for reporting on suicide. Literal websites dedicated on how NOT to report suicides. Language matters. Inappropriate language includes the term "committed" suicide. It is factually incorrect, as it is no longer illegal - a more respectful phrase would be "died by suicide/mental illness". Do not share articles that disclose the method of suicide. As I suicide survivor, I will tell you that this is the first thing I look for. Avoid sharing articles where the headline over-dramatises the story, or uses sensationalist terms. Give us the choice to avoid these.
I've inadvertently seen numerous posts, as always, talking about the negative impacts on the deceased's family and friends. In the words of @evelynfromtheinternets: "Imagine how much physical pain you have to be in where literal death sounds like relief. Now imagine society wondering why you don't PREFER to live in that level of pain. Asking you to just...stay". Suicide is not selfish, and the only blame you should be throwing is at mental illness itself. Mental illness is loneliness, it is pain, but it is NOT a choice, and it is NOT weakness.
Look after one another, and remember to hold space for others, always. Be conscious of your language. Examine your preconceptions. Have respectful curiosity. Go out and do BETTER.
Whatever you’re going through, you can contact the Samaritans free any time:
- Call 116 123 (this number will not appear on your phone bill)
- Text 07725 909 090
If you're struggling - reach out to me. I love you 🌻

During the most colourful month of the year, a reminder that trans WOC have a life expectancy of 31 years old. If you're an "ally", and are going to use #Pride as an excuse to go out and get shit-faced-while-covered-in-glitter-to-upload-to-FB-with-a-rainbow-filter, be sure to put in some proper work and support the #LGBTQ community all year round ✌🏽🌈 Photo by @lellopepper


When did this baby, with the cutest hair swirl known to man, turn in to this hilarious, confident two year ½ old with the most gorgeous curls? ➿

So incredibly hard leaving all my babes after two weeks of pure Texan-heat, grossly-large-doughnut-eating, lack-of-sleep-with-four-balls-of-energy bliss. Until next time, Austin ♥️ PSA: @sparts17 is eating a BREAKFAST TACO (??!) and it's bloody immense. At least 10 tacos in, I can safely say that @veracruztacos serve The Best migas in the entire state 💦

When your fiancé is #basic.

Happy 90th Birthday to the most beautiful soul to have ever graced this planet 💛 "Perhaps travel cannot prevent bigotry, but by demonstrating that all peoples cry, laugh, eat, worry, and die, it can introduce the idea that if we try and understand each other, we may even become friends." - Maya Angelou. Artwork by @andreapippins

Happy World Poetry Day! It seems auspicious that it should come a day after Vernal Equinox - for us, in the Northern hemisphere, it marks the beginning of Spring 🌻 A reminder that the world is filled with beautiful beginnings, whether they begin from seeds, from words on a page, from love, from passion, from despair: they are here for you. Yesterday evening was a surreal experience; watching @rupikaur_ performing pieces that I have poured over for years, the energy that connects one sexual assaults survivor to another, the solidarity between women uplifting and empowering one another, sharing it with my best-soulmate, connecting women, connecting women, connecting women. Rupi looked me in the eyes and said "You are extraordinary"*. The poem on the right is the one I keep coming back to, and the left was my favourite from the performance last night. I love you all, Wild Women ♥️🌼 *I may, or may not, have imagined this.

Rupi is the only babe we'd drive 141 miles to see. By we I mean me, because Linds slept the whole way 🌻💙

Happy Mother's Day, Mumma 🌻 I can't believe it's been ten years since you left. I miss you, every single day. Its so incredibly hard without you, and every day I find something new to miss. It breaks me that I'll never have the chance to know you as a friend as well as a mom. It breaks me that you'll never know me as a woman. That you'll never meet the love of my life, or your grandbabies. My heart aches for you. I love you ♥️

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