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Gemma-Holly Williams  Queer, 26 🌱 BRI/LDN radical softness as a weapon 🌈


Watching La La Land and the City of Stars in concert WITH A LIVE ORCHESTRA with bae @lindsay_ans ❀️ a beautiful hen-but-not-a-hen present, mwah x

Very recently, I lost one of my very best friends due to a difference of moral opinion, that I wasn't willing to compromise on. Now my heart is breaking. I guess this is just me trying to verbalise and re-affirm to myself that it's okay not to be okay. Its okay to grieve. Sometimes it's incredibly hard to try and grow as a person. Normal service resumed.

Seattle, Washington πŸŒ‡

Three days post-op, and this stifling heat is making me daydream of swimming in cute suits 🍭 soon, my precious, soon... P.s. for all you rad bopo babes, @_selfloveclub_ is definitely worth a follow. It's sometimes incredibly hard to believe in the pure magic your body possesses, but its a whole heap easier when your feed is saturated with positive influences such as @_____halle__ @selfloveclubb @positivitypoppa @selfloveliv @bodyposipanda @yourstruelymelly @nonairbrushedme ❀️

That cobalt blue and peach got me real good πŸ“«

Repping the rainbow since 1990 πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ It's no longer Pride month, but as I was battling pneumonia (who even gets pneumonia?) I didn't get a chance to post! I did, however, noticed that an abundance of my straight friends were awfully quiet. The same people that splashed their Facebook with 'We Stand with Orlando' posts and rainbow filters following the Orlando shooting in 2016. The same people who attend Pride as an excuse to cover themselves in glitter, have a drink and a knees up. And, if I'm completely honest, the same people that probably wouldn't stand up and speak out if they heard casual discrimination. IT IS STILL A CRIME TO BE GAY IN 71 COUNTRIES. An actual crime, some of which carry the death penalty. Gay men in Chechnya are still being rounded up, tortured and murdered. In Bulgaria, a neo-nazi hate group organised an event on the same date as Pride, calling on people to "cleanse Bulgaria from the garbage". There have been over 15 trans women of colour murdered in the US since January 2017. It takes more than a Facebook filter to be an ally!

Bristol, you are just one of my favourite places on Earth πŸ›‹πŸŒ

No filter, just natural beauty πŸ›Ά

Wildcamping on a farm in the Brecon Beacons. Best view in all the house! πŸ’š

In chronic pain - still voted. What's your excuse? Don't be fooled in to thinking that the Labour party are going to win, just because everyone on your Facebook feed is voting for them. The Tories have a VERY REAL CHANCE at winning this one...again. We were fooled last GE, we were fooled with Brexit, and finally (the most atrocious of them all) we were fooled with Trump. The people behind tabloids (The Sun, The Daily Mail etc) have BILLIONS of pounds with which they can influence the General Election. THEY DO NOT STAND TO PROFIT WITH A LABOUR GOVERNMENT. Young voters have consistently been shifted by the elderly, generally Tory voting, generation. This is OUR chance to make a real change. If you've registered to vote, please make your voice heard and turn up to vote - they are counting on the under 35's not to. We cant do it without you ❀️🌷

Its everything I've ever wanted, and more 😍

Good God, I love Bristol ❀️ I believe in the good things coming!

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