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It’s almost as if Tyrod was the QB of the NFL’s 31st, 30th, and 28th ranked passing offenses over the last 3 years and just isn’t good

If Fitzpatrick wins MVP this year imma post my password and whoever gets into this account first gets to keep it

Josh Gordon will either be cut in 3 weeks or win Super Bowl MVP, there’s no in between

“He’s a perfect fit for our team since he’s always suspended.”

It really be like that

It’s almost as if the Patriots make players better than they really are

Raiders should have traded that bum Derek Carr and signed Mack don’t @ me

How do you blow a 20 point lead to a man with one leg

Imagine being a fan of this team lol couldn’t be me

This is the team that’s supposed to win the AFC? Can’t even beat the Browns 🤣

Who’s ready 🔥

Who y’all got 💀💀💀

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