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GHASTLY(◕,,,◕)  hi i’m a ghost - my album The Mystifying Oracle is out now, to hear it//check out the freshly stocked merch store, just follow dis link:

i am excite

dallas tnite
vegas tomorrow for some surprise edc sets

smash that like button if u remember pissing ur pants to these

i request magicians on my rider, especially ones who can make yeezys appear out of thin air

laurel vs yanny: debunked in 15 seconds

so sad to say my whip scorpion has passed away. the person i entrusted to take care of him failed to do so and he’s gone. gonna miss u my little pet nightmare.

the mystifying oracle in houston

pls stand back, i’m a professional

happy mother’s day :)

life is better bare foot

deleting random fact pt 114
One time while I was still living in my van in LA I went to meet up w a friend that I knew back from AZ and they decided to go to a party. we couldn’t all fit in her car so the 4 girls went w her while i took the 3 random dudes I’d never met before. I saw them taking Xanax in the back of my van when my transmission started bugging out, i didn’t wanna breakdown in the middle of nowhere so I had to turn around they got really mad and upset. they started threatening me to take them to the party or else - i didn’t take em seriously. we got back to point A and I apologized very honestly and the main antagonist came to the front of the van and said “thanks for ruining my night mother fucker” and he started slugging me in the side of my head. luckily, the homeless ghastly was prepared for bullshit like this so I grabbed my knife that was under the steering wheel and I cut his hand open as he was punching me and swung it at him a few times. then we jumped out of the van and they circled me. it was 3 drugged up douchebags vs homeless ghastly with a knife. they acted like they were gonna attack but i swore to them “if you try to jump me i will protect myself and i swear to god i will try my absolute best to cut ur fucking dicks off” they eventually were scared off after i swung the knife at them a few more times and they finally scattered. i guess the moral of the story is... idk... life is fkn weird

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all shirts are unisex****

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