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Two wheels, a bull and a cart - everything this man needs to smile for a photo. No hashtags, no pouts no sassy captions 😂 There is a different world out there people, one which has much, much more problems than not having enough followers and likes. Trust me when I say this, you have it good. Alhamdullilah.

Oh how every father wants his daughter to study, to be someone, someone people know the name of. But the cruel society of ours has left the female gender as nothing but an object which would go bad if it isn’t married by 22 and has 4 kids by 30. Shame.

I wonder what gold he might find in that dumpster. Is it possible that whats gold for him is different from whats gold for us? He would literally cherish every plastic bottle he can find to sell so he can afford some food. Would you ever protect a bag of empty used bottles with your life? You ll just throw them away. Its hilarious, you would literally throw someone’s gold away. (TAG 3 PEOPLE, JAZAKALLAH)

The sun has drained the color out of my skin. I play drums every day, thats just what I do. Drumming is the only talent I have, it helps me feed myself and my parents. My father was a drummer too but he retired due to continued sickness. One day when I have a child, I ll make sure he goes to school. He will become an officer Inshallah. (TAG 3 PEOPLE)

Mr. Nice Guy who will too, steal your girl? I think yes 😂. .

Usefp's Fall Fest (Part 2/4)

Mr. Definetly Steal Your Girl 😎😂 .
Usefp's Fall Fest (Part 1/4)

She was so sweet to me, she gifted me her mother's ring!

This man became our guide for free when I went to old city kharadar, Karachi. Showed us every historical corner. Opened all the doors for us. Walked us through the history. Didn't ask anything in return.
Shot by @ammar_kun1 (TAG 3 PEOPLE! THANKS!)

Not sure what he is selling, but damn he's got class 🔥✌️
(Wanted to post something light 😂)

Imagine the beauty she was once - her facial features reveal it. But her eyes, they tell the stories of hard work. And her smile, it hides all the pain she bores. Here is a salute, to every woman out there, you really are the real deal.
Shot by @fugue__ (TAG 3 PEOPLE, THANKS!)

He doesn’t have the luxurious working conditions most of us do. His kids go to a Government School, yeah you heard it right, the ones with the broken windows and crooked doors. His wife, she doesn’t wear three different Gul Ahmed suits in a day. I wonder if he gets sad about it.
Shot by @themuazali (TAG 3 PEOPLE!)

When I was 6 my father kicked me out of the house because he didn't had enough money to feed me, the first few years were hard but then I got used to living on the streets, it's easy living on the streets once you stop paying attention, I've worked in hotels, I've worked at stations, I've been kicked out of hotels, I've moved city to city, I've eaten from darbaar's, I've done things that you couldn't make up -  streets have been my home for 40 years, but now I was just tired of this. I am 46 years old now and I have returned home. My father didn't recognized me initially but he was glad to see me. Now after all those years I live with my family.
Shot and perfected by @island_arc

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