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I wonder if he realizes he can be an upcoming tv star 😂

Little burdened souls 🙌🏼
Shot by @mariyamsibgahtullah

The story behind this picture highlight the ignored fact how much poor and local people are afraid of being captured, being mocked or being criticised since the great media of this country play such a role. This man was actually not sure if he wanted to be captured and after being asked he told that I AM AFRAID IF THIS PICTURE WILL SNATCH MY RIGHT TO EARN.
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Old souls, simple souls, true souls. ------------------------------
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Baby fat still sits in her cheek, cute she is, her eyes - they tell a story. But soon, she will be exposed to the harsh realities of life. Why don't we let the kids stay kids for a while? Why do we burden the young so much, be it education, be it forcing them to work at a mechanic's shop or as a maid at someones home? Why don't we give them a chance to discover who they are? Its not just the poor parents forcing their kids to help them financially, its more like a global desi issue. Lets put a stop to this trend right here, we will not take this trend further to the upcoming generation, Inshallah. (If you agree, hit a like, and tag 3 people, thanks!)
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"Bhai tusi meri tasveer kiyoon khicday paye ho?" he asked. "Tu bht khubsurat hai is liay," I said. He smiled. -------------------------
Shot by @muhammad_jawad_bashir

Another 'chotay' of Pakistan. I don't get how wealthy people, with luxury cars, and extravagant houses talk about their 'rights not being protected'. On tv, there are debaters spending hours, screaming fighting, for what? To entertain the viewers and just pocket a whole lot cash? How about helping the 'chotays'? Put a ban on child labor, make it compulsory for every parent to send their kid to school, how about that? Will an educated generation be a better newer generation? I think yes. ------------------------- Picture by @yaarahmadd

"Stop the massacre" Repost from @thatoceanoflove

Not all superwomen wear capes. Meet this woman who has calloused palm and broken nails. You wouldn't know how strong a woman is until you test her. Here she stands, a 55 year old body radiating colossal courage. Left behind by her husband , she made hardships bow before her as she brought up her children and later being left by them too. Here's to all the superwomen without capes, the ones who make hell bow before their invisible wings and strength.
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The one who cleans your house, wash your clothes and does your dishes - has a story too! Now you have a chance to win two Daraz 5000 Rupees Gift Cards, one for you, and one for your maid! Simply, take a picture and narrate your maid's story. Use the hashtag #mymaidkahani or Dm us your submission! Good luck! Tag your friends, let them know!

I am Nasim Shahnawaz, and I am 43 years old. I work as a construction worker. My manager pays me 550 everyday if I work from 6.00 am till 8.00 pm. Before, I was paid even less. I couldn't buy my daughter a dress this Eid, she is 10 years old, because I was sick and wasn't working for a week. She is angry at me, so I plan to work till midnight today, "overtime le ker uss k liey khillona khareed loon ga" [Shot at 8.37 am]
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I am Adil, and I am 58 years old. Even though its pretty clear if one notices, but people are often surprised by the fact that I am partially blind. The disease hit me back when I was 45. I used to drive for a businessman in F-6 at that time. Life was lovely - I had a beautiful wife, and two children making it strong into the real world. Probably the saddest morning was the one when I woke up and everything was faded blur, I wanted to cry, clear my vision, but it wouldn't happen. The doctors too, gave up, said these gems in my skull were broken to beyond repair. I think people don't realise the blessing of their eyes until they start to loose it .. Who showed me the most support? Probably my wife, definitely my wife. I wouldn't blame my kids, they were too young to know how to react. My wife, she started working as a maid, while I stayed in bed, unable to do anything. She remembered how much I took care of myself back when I was alright, so she trimmed my beard, set my turban (pagri) and dressed me in fresh clothes everyday. Life can't be perfect, can it? I think you should keep doing what you do until you reach a point when life brings you to a halt. "Beta, Allah tujhey bohot kamiyab kerre, Ameen"

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