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Jacob Santesson 

So I got Taco Bell and she claimed the bag the moment it hit the ground


My cat just went from my lap to my girlfriends lap, I feel so betrayed!

When you get your cloths out of the dryer and the cat claims them.

She had a good Christmas xD

She is always trying to get to new heights

Found a pillow at Walmart, the true artist came out in me

Do we own cats or do cats own us?

Reasons I don't cook. Made cookies but forgot to put the oven to 350 and it was set to 450. Whomp

Cats literally want to play with trash more than actual cat toys πŸ˜‚

So I have playing PokΓ©mon Ultra Sun and I have a guy that can basically shoot nukes, so I use it on a rat and it only fainted πŸ˜‚

I maybe lazy on my days off but when someone asks me to do something I always do it, like splitting all this wood πŸ‘

Just finished chopping wood, now I'm getting food! 😁

Got new shoes, she likes the box

Well they actually followed through

Got a new tv, 55 inch 4K and playing the new Star Wars early. Going to be a fun weekend!

So just found out Bellingham has snow, well in Vancouver and Portland it still looks like it's god damn summer! First thing of snow here I'm blasting Christmas music!

Earlier I was playing a game and Astrid watched because there was a lot of moving things on the screen xD

I have been in a depression ditch for a while now. I can't get out and every time I think I'm almost freed I get buried more. I haven't been able to think properly and i don't know what to do

This made me laugh to hard. If you watch it wait a couple seconds, than it gets good

Worked hard this week at work than worked hard over the weekend cutting and chipping wood. My right hand is numb because it's been hit by too many sticks going into the chipper but at least we got a lot done 😁

As a species, we failed.

After a hard day work time to sit down and eat some food 😁

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