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Soohye  Persona. Carpe diem.

Wad a peaceful and lonely walk without their bickering @kiimhui @faith_tan

Finally a photo with this princess! And finally can have some peace now. Hahaha. Jus kidding. No one to disturb me and for me to disturb liao. Life is so sad...

This scene, the poem that they were reciting was actually the lyrics of hymn of death this song... The feel... #사의찬미 #hymnofdeath

Hymn of death this drama is quite a masterpiece, so bittersweet. The acting ,the cinematic feel and ost is so on point. Just hope the drama it's longer. The ending scene was impactful, they had their one last dance, one last kiss, and they just gone like this. 他们该有多无奈才会选择这条不归路。#사의찬미 #hymnofdeath

I miss tis view so badly, dono y recently i miss my old job so badly. Stay-home weekend means organizing some old pics from my hp. It's alwae scary to organize old pics bcos there are times u feel like going back to that very moment, but when all u have left it's only these photo now.

Throwback to last weekend's dating session with mum! 🎄🎠

Ear "clogged" again. Gonna suffer for another 1 wk. Hai. Partially "deaf" now

天下没有不散的宴席! Goodbye lunch buddies! Hahah!

Happy lunar bd to my aunt! Birthday dinner!

All 3 of us loves this shot especially! Guess my photography skills not that bad after all!😍 #selfpraise

I can't wait to see u next month😍 @taeyeon_ss

If only it's huge enough to sit in. Lolx. Love tis shot actually.

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